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Oral Surgery Recovery – What Foods to Eat

Had oral surgery? Then it’s very hard to have foods while in recovery. An oral surgery makes you feel weak and nauseous. So it’s better to have soft foods while healing. You would heal complete and faster by giving everything required to your body during this time. Here is a list of some nutritious and delicious soft foods to have after having had oral surgery.

Initially after undergoing the surgery, we should not have spicy foods like Caribbean and Indian flavored foods. These strongly flavored foods may hurt your mouth. You must avoid hard candies and peanut butter.

Soft cold and liquid foods:

During dental surgery recovery, soft foods are the best foods to have. Liquids and soft foods will not disturb your healing process and stiches. Liquids are easier to digest. You can have delicious foods like yogurt, pears, eggnog, smoothies and well-cooked rice after surgery. But yogurt is not preferable as it contains live yeast that could interfere with the heeling process. Cold foods like ice cream and smoothies can make you feel painless after surgery as they give numbness in particular areas.

Fiber rich foods:

Get huge amounts of fiber after surgery as it heals quickly. Soft foods which have plenty of fiber include bananas, brown rice, smoothies and other whole grain diet. Grains and breads are rich in fiber. Cream of wheat, pasta, macaroni, oat meal, French toast without crust and soft breads without crust are the foods that contain fiber. Soft foods must be low in acidic portion, less spicy and soft. Protein is also important to get after oral surgery. Foods that contain protein are eggs and dairy products including cream cheese, scrambled eggs, tofu, milk, and butter.

Mashed potatoes:

They are easy to make and good as well for healing process. People who have had oral surgery should avoid toast as they contain sharp particles.


Fruits with seeds and skin are hard to chew. Biting the seeds can cause severe pain in oral cavity. Besides, seeds can get stuck in mouth surgery wound or tooth sockets. Acidic fruits like oranges, pineapple and grape fruits also hurt on surgery wounds. Hence, should not eat such fruits after dental surgery. Thus fruits that are advised to eat after surgery are apple sauce, pureed berries, and ripe bananas.


Vegetables play a key role while you are in recovery such as creamed peas, mashed pumpkin, asparagus, skinned and de-seeded tomatoes, avocado slices.


Meat plays a major role in healing after oral surgery. Diet that contains meat include ground meat, broiled or stewed chicken, tender cooked liver, cooked salmon without bones and cooked tuna without bones.


Liquids like beverages also helps in healing process such as milk shakes, broth, green tea, fruit juices, coffees and fruit smoothies.

Just remember to have food smart while healing process. Soft foods like ice creams and liquids are the best choice to have after dental surgery.

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