Hearing aid
Hearing loss is a condition whereby the ear cannot hear or it can do so partially. It is quite normal for people to lose their hearing ability as they age. However, heredity and other environmental factors such as loud music or noises may gradually affect one’s ability to hear. There is no procedure that one can use to reverse such a condition but with the aid of hearing aids, one can improve their ability to hear and to a large extent.
Before purchasing a hearing aid, one has to consult with their doctor for the right diagnosis. The doctor will then determine whether or not you will need hearing aids. For one to use a hearing aid, hearing loss is either severe or mild.
Such aids come in different varieties although they have similar characteristics. For example, they have an area for volume control as well as batteries. Usually, the battery is situated beneath the aid in most hearing aids.
One of the common types of hearing aids is the completely-in-the-canal-hearing aid. This type of hearing aid fits perfectly inside the ear and it is not easily noticeable. One can easily communicate using a telephone with such a hearing aid on. Because it is located inside the ear, noise, for example, wind, cannot be easily picked. However, the completely-in-the-canal hearing aid has a smaller battery meaning it does not last longer like other hearing aids which have bigger batteries.
The in-the-canal hearing aid, on the other hand, is made in such a way that it fits in the ear but not as far as the completely-in-the-canal one. Even then, it is less visible and communication using a telephone is not hard. This type of hearing aid, however, may not be a perfect fit for people with small ears.
The half-shell hearing aid is another common type of hearing aid. This is so much like the in-the-canal hearing aid but the only difference is that it extends to the outer ear, the lower half, to be precise. It is also bigger than the previous two and far much easier to handle too. Apart from volume control places, half-shell hearing aids also spot additional features such as directional microphones.
While the above types of hearing aids are meant to help patients with moderate and mild hearing loss, there are hearing aids which are meant for those suffering from severe hearing loss. One of them is the full-shell hearing aid. It covers most of the outer ear hence it is more visible. It also lasts much longer than the others because it has larger batteries. The only problem would be that it picks up noise.
Behind-the-ear hearing devices are also used by people suffering from hearing loss. These ones are large and the most visible but there are other versions which are far much smaller. The aids pick up sound and amplify it before carrying it to the ear canal. Presently, manufacturers are in the process of making digital hearing devices which use digital chips and convert sound using codes before sending signals to the ear.


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