Over the years, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, popularly known as ADHD, has become very commonly prevalent in a large number of people. However, here, it should be noted that 90 % of the patients are children. Children with ADHD have a tendency to forget things and they have faced problem in concentrating and studying.

They tend to talk excessively, run about too much, fidget with hands and feet and cannot sit quietly and act silly and abnormally most of the time.

Parents who have children suffering from this disorder are highly tensed as according to various studies, it has been seen that medically prescribed drugs make the condition more badly. Thus, more and more people are turning towards the holistic way to treat the symptoms of ADHD in children. Read ahead to find out some of the top natural ways of treating ADHD!

A Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Giving a healthy and nutritious diet to ADHD patients is extremely essential. A healthy diet will result in the fast paced treatment of the condition. The proper nutrients aid in the correct functioning of the body. SO supplement your child’s diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also focus on lean meat, fish, raw nuts and beans as they are very filling. Drinking a lot of water is a must. Make sure that the patient steers clear from all sorts of processed foods, aerated drinks, junk foods, etc as they will only add up to your woes.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy is also very important in order to bring about improvement in the abnormal behavioral features of patients suffering from ADHD. For this you better take the help of a behavior therapist or also use an in-home behavior therapy program that is designed to inculcate the required techniques among parents so that they can teach their kids.

These techniques include teaching skills to kids that aim at developing their listening and concentration power, retention ability, etc.


Make your child follow a healthy and active lifestyle. Make sure that he goes to the park regularly for a regular exercise routine. Indulging in stretching exercises can be very effective in the proper functioning of the body.

Going for walks and jogging should be encouraged. It is advisable to let the child get into some or the other kind of sports such as swimming and cycling as they help in the proper growth of the mind and body.


Let your child relax his mind and ease out the stress. Deep breathing and meditation are age old remedies that are known to enhance the functioning of the brain.

If stress and anxiety are reduced then it is likely that the symptoms of ADHD will fade away gradually as the prefrontal cortex of the brain begins working more positively.

Staying in a Natural Environment

Nature is the best medicine. Patients suffering from ADHD should avoid crowded places and try and remain in a natural environment as much as possible. Regular morning and evening walks can do wonders. Going on a short trip to a hill station or a beach can also help rejuvenate and relax the mind.