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New Research on Rosacea Offers Hope

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Being a chronic condition, rosacea has been a source of discomfort and irritation for the affected patients, most of which want immediate relief from the disease. The modern day science has focused on rosacea treatments as a hot topic.

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on the horizon, new and exciting rosacea treatments have called in the induction of many topics. Most of the innovations focus on reduction of redness and other irritating symptoms of the disease to relieve the patients as a first priority.

To offer hope to those suffering form the disease, oral dapone has proved to be one of the top and best working treatment for the rosacea induced redness. This, however, has to be measured in accordance with the side effects of the treatment.

Treatment delivery systems

The transdermal delivery systems make sure that even the insoluble medicine can be applied topically. The innovation in the delivery system and treatment mechanism is changing the way of treatment as well.

The rapid scale elimination of the redness of the skin is achieved through the delivery of the drugs into the skin with timing without causing any irritation. The new technology has given hope of using many innovative drugs for treating rosacea.

Chemical modifications

The chemical modification of antibiotics for the treatment of the disease has enabled the retention of non antibiotic properties of the medicine to enhance the anti inflammatory actions of the medicine. Such modifications are also said to have a face changing effect on the application of the medicines and rosacea treatment.

Future treatments

The race to develop the best treatment of the disease are not only driven by the market need but also by scientific needs. Many pharmaceutical companies are developing and further aspire to develop promising drugs that that focus on smoothing muscle cells and normalizing irritated skin. The drugs are to selectively treat the affected area to reduce side effects and not have any effect at all on the non affected area.


Although advanced research and medicine are often promising, some of them might also have adverse side effects on the skin and should be carefully examined by the practitioner and patient should be educated about the usage.

Many treatments that have more adverse side effects have been driven out of use, but some of those in use are also not totally clean. Choosing the treatment and the selectively treating the affected area is the best way to go in most cases.


While the disease is essentially incurable, the idea of providing the maximum amount of relief from the irritation and improving skin condition has been the target of most treatments. The shift in approach towards antibiotics to overcome the resistances in treating severe cases has been cited as one of the exciting developments in the field.

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The dose of the antibiotic is low enough not to kill the bacteria and allow for a more sustained treatment so as to avoid the development of resistance of the disease.

The reduced concerns about development of resistance in the bacteria being addressed enable the treatments to go a step further. Rosacea treatment can safely claim to have a new hope for the effects with the development of modified processes, delivery systems, antibiotics and future aspiration for treatment oriented research.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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