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Smart Drug Delivery Systems: What a Convenience to the Modern Patients

A Smart Drug Delivery Systems is a usage of modern tools that have been designed to help the patients and health industrial new requirements in diseases treatments. The tool or equipment that designed is very helpful not only in treatment but also in updating the patient’s health data or record.

Type of Smart Drug Delivery Systems

The Smart Drug Delivery Systems are designed according to the patients need and also make the treatment easier and faster. As the introduction, here are some of the tools in Smart Drug Delivery Systems designed and developed by BioCorp.

1) Data pen

A data pen is the tool that can be used as the injector. It is an injector pen that also connected to a mobile app. This reusable injector pen is adapted to chronic disease treatments with the compatible standard cartridge (3ml).It is an innovative smart drug delivery system that can be performed subcutaneously.

The best features for the datapen are:

  1. Using wireless technology to transfer patient’s data via Bluetooth
  2. The injection is very simple to deliver the drug electromechanically
  3. It is very safe with ergonomic designed for using
  4. It can be set as the reminder to remind about the last injection for the patient
  5. It has the highest technology and standards for health data security

One of the popular uses for this pen is as the insulin delivery system. The insulin injector pen can help the diabetes patient to perform daily basis multiple injections. It is very reliable and it can perform the injection very accurately.

It is not only the insulin injector but also functioning as the treatment data collector. The treatment information can be saved and then it will automatically transfer to a monitoring system or server.

This special feature is designed to improve the patient’s monitoring for the treatment. It is also provide the patients with treatment data that can be accessed by the patient via smartphone. The data also can be saved and shared with their healthcare professionals.

2) Easylog

One more innovative solution for treatments and healthcare professionals’ analysis is the Easylog. Easylog is also used for the diabetic patients as a smart sensor for Insulin Delivery Systems. It can be connected with the internet and be the communicating device for the patients in their treatment process.

The features for an easylog are:

  1. Using wireless technology to transfer patient’s data via Bluetooth
  2. It is very safe with ergonomic designed for using
  3. It can be set as the reminder to remind about the last injection for the patient
  4. It has the highest technology and standards for health data security
  5. Compatible with any injector pens

The easylog is helping the diabetes patient by allowing the task such as:

  1. Collecting the insulin injections data automatically including the doses that injected, the date of injection, the time of the injection, and stock of consumables.
  2. Data keeping in a government-certified web host and then the patients can receive their information through their smartphone.
  3. It is also works as their personal logbook and the patients can access their historical data and share it with their healthcare professionals. Easylog also can avoid it user from double insulin injection by alerting the patients.

Smart Drug Delivery Systems in Improving the Quality of Treatment

The Smart Drug Delivery Systems appliances or tools that developed are meant to improve the quality of treatment. The patients will receive the convenience and benefits of using the tool such as:

  1. Easy insulin injections for the diabetic patient.
  2. Easy treatment management and monitoring system.
  3. Providing treatment information and alerts.
  4. Fast access for treatment history and latest medication info.
  5. Provided with a mobile application to provide users with treatment alerts, historical data and treatment reminders.
  6. Patients can easily having their own injection at home.

Thanks to the latest technology such as Smart Drug Delivery Systems for allowing the easy treatment and monitoring system to the patients right now. Today we can enjoy the convenience in our daily treatment even for the chronic diseases in order to cure safely without any problem such as missing the medical appointment and medicine intake.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

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