Meal Prepping

It’s lunchtime, and you’re already feeling hungry. Your mates are heading to some expensive restaurants and fast food stores while others are preparing their cup noodles.

But you are not, you’re going to unpack the food that you’ve prepared, and more importantly, you prepared your food in the right containers.

One importance of keeping your cooked food in the right storage is to secure the meal and prevent it from spilling out. This column will provide you further information on choosing the right prep containers and the benefits of meal prepping towards our health.

Below are the things you need to know about meal prep.

What is Meal Prep?

Meal prep is not just cooking your meals ahead of time. It can be chopping ingredients such as peppers, onions, and other vegetables needed for the recipe. Preparing out crackers, nuts, and other meal items for your snacks or cleaning vegetables and fruits to make them ready to eat.

Meal Prepping Can Save Money

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive foods. Plan things ahead of time, buy in bulk and utilize your freezer wisely

Planning what to prepare for a meal in advance will make you realize what exactly are the things you need to buy; rather than going to the grocery several times a week to pick and choose the ingredients needed.

Meal preppers make less impulsive buying and can result in spending less than buyers who are looking for some goods that look favorable at the moment. You can save money by preparing your meal instead of going outside to buy expensive food.

Meal Prepping Saves Time

Coffee Cup

Have you ever think of how much time you waste trying to figure out what to cook for lunch? Meal prepping or preparing meals in advance will save your time and effort instead of heading to the restaurants, scanning through the recipe books, or cooking food that will consume most of your time.

All you have to do is to open your prepared foods, reheat it using a microwave or pour it into hot water and its ready to eat.

Brings Assortment to your Meal

Be creative in mixing different groups of food such as fats, proteins, and carb; these will provide fuel to our body throughout the day. Being able to prepare your meal ahead of time, choosing from a variety of food categories will be easier, and there is no limitation on meal prep.

Instead, it encourages you to explore new recipes and ingredients that will fit your lifestyle.

Meal Prepping Saves your Energy


Cooking several times a week can be relaxing, social and even fun. However, cooking every night can be unappealing and exhausting. Commit few hours during weekends preparing food in advance and enjoy your remaining time and energy every lunch and weeknight.

You will also be able to save your energy from grilling, boiling, and baking as you will just warm up your ready-prepared meals.

Prevent Food Waste

The regular household in the United States of America throws away approximately $640 of food annually, based on a survey of American Chemistry Council.

If you are one of the people who are concerned about food waste, then meal prepping can help you reduce the number of leftover foods.

If you have an idea what exactly you are going to prepare, you can purchase right ingredients needed for the right serving.

Getting Started in Meal Prepping

Always remember not to get overwhelmed when you are a beginner in meal prepping. You’re probably too conscious of what is the first thing to do. First, begin by choosing the right meal prep container that suits you.

Consider the Size of the Container


When choosing the right containers for your meal prepping task, consider the size of the container. Think of the volume of meal you are going to prepare. If you’re on a weight loss diet, choose those containers which are smaller in size, but can accommodate all the food that you will need.

Think of the Material

There are two common types of material that you can choose from in meal prepping: the glass and plastic containers. Plastic containers are the less expensive materials. These capsules are durable, lightweight and easy to stack.

Glass containers are easy to clean and seals the smell of the food, and you can directly reheat since most of the glass containers nowadays are oven safe. However, glass containers are more fragile and heavier compared to plastic.

Go for that Temperature-flexible

If you want a hot meal at lunchtime, just heat up your prepared food and just wait for few minutes to finish. Or if you’d like frozen snacks, just let the prepared food in the freezer. The capability of the container to withstand heat and can adapt to cold temperature provides a great advantage.

Choose the container that is microwave-safe and freezer friendly. These features of containers will bring you convenience and less hassle in preparing.

Think of Portability

Containers that are lightweight and can fit in small spaces can provide comfort and convenience. Consider choosing meal prep containers which are portable and easy to carry.

Flat-shaped, slimmer and lightweight containers fit most regular meals and the most portable and versatile among other meal prep containers.

Choose Cleaning friendly Containers

Close-up of Food on Table

Oily, foods heavy in tomato sauce and spaghetti can be the worst enemy of the food storage, leaving behind hard to scrub and crusty lines at the surface. Being able to clean the container in a hassle-free way can bring you ease and comfort.

You can spend the rest of your time doing things you want to do instead of heavily scrubbing those containers which are a pain in the head as a consumer.

Container that is Leak-Proof

Nobody wants to spill their prepared food when going to work. Containers which are leak-proof is critical in getting started in meal prepping. Look for food storage that you can spin around or hold upside-down without even leaking.

Having this kind of container is essential since you are carrying your food wherever you may want to go.


Meal prepping can be a helpful activity not just towards your health, but also there are benefits that you can acquire from doing so. It can save your money and energy.

But before getting started in doing meal prep, think of those meals you want to prepare and look for meal prep storage that is best for you.

Consider these suggested options above which will guide you in meal prepping.