Hot Water

If you had a stressful day and wish to relax, all you need to do is to take a long bath. Add some scented bubble foam and bath salt, light the candles and enjoy the evening of relaxation. Hot water can heal you and make you feel calm.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks noted that hot water had an impact on human well-being. They used hot water as medicine to recover the body and the spirit. Natural hot springs have been widely used by Romans and Turks centuries ago. They believed the warm water can heal rheumatism and other chronic diseases. You can still explore the magical world of old Turkish baths in Budapest, Hungary and other European cities.
Hot WaterThese beliefs have a proven scientific effect. Hot bath has a significant impact on your health. It would heal your wounds, both emotional and physical. Hot tub therapy will improve your immune system and help your body protect you from any possible diseases and infections.

Live longer

Swimming and soaking in hot water has a potential to make you live longer, not to mention the improved cardiovascular system and improved muscle mass. When you simply sit in the warm water your heart keeps on pumping blood, thus getting a cardiovascular workout.
Water workout is a great way to strengthen your muscles. Moving in the water is more difficult than exercising on land. The water creates a simple resistance to any movement you make, yet it doesn’t harm your joints and muscles.

It improves your sleep

If you suffer from insomnia, a simple hot bath will help you fall asleep. Warm water combined with a simple aromatherapy will relax your body and muscles. You wouldn’t even notice how you started feeling relieved. The increased body temperature will only help you go to bed faster.

Reduce the pain

If you suffer from arthritis or stiff muscles after an active work out session, hot tub will ease the pain. The increased blood circulation will help you recuperate and reduce the ache.

Hot water increases the level of endorphins in your body. These chemicals make you feel happy and relaxed. Endorphins also reduce the pain. Hot water has a massaging effect on your aching body as it reinvigorates the sore muscles.

Weight control

You may be surprised that the steam and hot water combined can make you lose weight. If you spend at least 30 minutes in sauna every day, you will lose up to five pounds in four weeks without any exercising. Thanks to the improved blood flow that transforms your body and improves your general well-being.

Emotional medicine

A hot soak is a great solution if you feel depressed and stressed. It won’t solve all your troubles, but it would make you feel better and relaxed.

Hydrotherapy uses water in different variations. A combination of sauna steam, ice cold water and warm water has an incredible effect on human body. Use water as a way of relaxation and rejuvenation. The use of a steam shower or monthly visit to any spa would make you feel better.

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