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Know the Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online


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Like with everything else, technology has made buying health insurance for us a lot easier than the previous generations. The confusion, lack of awareness, distrust in insurance providers and other such issues are taken care of when you buy health insurance online.


When you buy health insurance online, you’re making an informed decision at your own pace and know exactly what you’re getting in to. Here are the five major benefits of buying health insurance online.

Research and comparison

Research and comparison are one of the most beneficial aspects when you buy health insurance online. You can take your own time to look up various policies, understand the terms of the policies, and compare different policies to find the best health insurance plans in India. There’s no agent or salesperson rushing you or persuading you in to anything, but you still get all your doubts clarified by taking the time to research well.

This ensures that you’re well aware of what you’re getting into, are not intimidated by the technicalities of the health insurance policy and are making a well-informed decision.

Uninterrupted schedule

When you buy health insurance online, you don’t have to worry about disrupting your schedule. You don’t have to set aside a specific day – either giving up your weekend or taking an off from work – to go visit the insurance provider.

You can simply browse through the policies and all the details online whenever you can spare a few minutes, whether it’s while commuting or eating lunch. It’s time-saving and you don’t have to keep putting off the essential task of buying health insurance for later due to a busy schedule.

Assistance in decision-making

A feature unique to online purchase of health insurance are the online reviews. Reading honest statements of customers, about what they liked and what they didn’t will assists you in your decision-making.

It also helps to understand whether the claims made by the company about the benefits provided, time period of claim settlement and other features are true or not. Reading the online reviews when you buy health insurance will help you get a better idea of whether a particular insurance provider and their policy is apt for you or not.

Access to complete policy details

At the time of making a claim, it’s essential to have all the policy documents and details in place. Usually claims get rejected because of incomplete or incorrect details that were submitted during filing.

Having access to the complete policy details will also help you understand the terms of your policy and what to expect while making a claim. Moreover, the stress of losing your policy documents is completely eradicated when you buy health insurance online.


Access to Automated services

The online services are not just restricted to comparing policies and buying them. It gives you access to an instant and competent channel where you can download policy documents or related material, get prompt quotes on lapsing of the policy, pay annual premiums towards it, renew it, track investments, make timely claims when needed and much more.

What’s interesting about buying online health insurance is that you can manage it independently without having to depend on your Relationship Manager. Moreover, online transactions are faster, and hassle-free and can be completed in seconds. You can make decisions and manage the policy online from the comfort of your home or office and for assistance write to or call up customer care.

Customer support

When you buy health insurance online, you get 24 x 7 customer support. The servicing of the policy is also easy. Paying premiums, seeking and updating information is simple and quick because it can be done in a few clicks. The best health insurance plans in India will have an excellent customer support portal online.

By entering a few basic details online, you can get an instant quote to help make your decision easier. Bajaj Finserv also offers pre-approved offers on a variety of loans for various purposes to help meet your life’s milestones. Check your pre-approved loan offer within a few minutes by entering your details.

Ease of maintaining documents

There are many unfortunate situations where you may misplace or lose your policy documents. Booking policy online may actually save you from this situation. This is because even if you lose the hard copy you will access to soft copy at all times.

With your login details you may access insurance documents from anywhere, at any time. As you never know when and where you might require your health insurance documents. Thus, online account gives you a chance to maintain them in an orderly format and keeps you ready for any medical emergencies.

Eliminating the need of insurance agents

While, purchasing the policy online you may get a chance to review, compare and initiate and tread through the entire process on your own. This will be a good learning experience and even save you fees for hiring an insurance agent to help you make the decision. It must be noted that you must carry out your research on reliable aggregator sites which offer the most updated and reliable information on health insurance.

When you manage the process, yourself it will also allow you to be in direct touch with the lender or your dedicated Relationship Manager. You may pitch your case better and ask for add-ons to maximize the value you gain from the health insurance policy.

Gamut of health policies

When you apply for Bajaj health insurance online you can easily take your time to study the types of policies, their features, and benefits before you make up your mind. you neither have to visit the insurance provider’s office in-person nor depend on any middleman to know the pros and cons of the healthy insurance you are interested in.

Online process can be controlled and thus will give you time to discuss health plans with your family members too. Let’s say your aging parents who are unable to visit the insurance provider can with your help understand the policy details and ensure it matches their preferences. This will allow you to thoroughly understand policy benefits and justify your buying decision.


Author Bio:

Gaurav Mittal is a Content writer and he loves to write about Finance & Health Insurance Articles.

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