Your health is the most important thing. Period. But when you get older your body might start to behave in strange and unexpected ways.

Your immune system becomes weaker and you might struggle to fight off infections. Your bones become frailer and could break easier from falls or accidents.

Retirement should be one of the happiest times of your life. It’s supposed to be fun, relaxing and easy. However, people often find that retirement can be stressful because of health problems.

It’s difficult to enjoy retirement when you’re in pain and going in and out of hospital. Here are some tips on looking after your health during retirement.   

Elder law attorneys

You might not think you need an elder law attorney unless something bad has happened. However, an attorney, like this elder law attorney in Haddonfield, could be used as a preventative means, too.

But how? An elder law attorney might be able to plan your medical care with you, as well as long-term care and asset protection, saving you a lot of stress and worry in the long run.

Planning could make life much easier if you find yourself developing a significant illness or health condition.


Living in a large house could have detrimental impacts on your health, especially if you have mobility problems and are struggling to clean and maintain it.

Older people often live in large family houses which simply aren’t needed. The space becomes more of a burden and you risk the possibility of living among damp and dust, which can cause long term lung and breathing problems.

So, look after your health by downsizing. This will help with financial stress, too, as you can live off the profit of your large family home.  

Regular check ups

As you enter retirement, it’s important to get regular health check ups. This means seeing your doctor and checking out anything that might be concerning.

You should also make sure you regularly go to the dentist, as older people often experience problems with their teeth. Periodontal disease is common among older people and can cause tooth loss, which can be stressful, expensive and upsetting.

So, make sure you keep an eye out for any issues and get your check ups regularly. 


Retirement is a great time to socialize. You no longer have to work and find more time to spend with loved ones. However, many older people become isolated during retirement, especially if they live alone.

Health problems or anxiety can mean that you don’t go out as much as you would like. But socializing is important for your health. It will help to keep you positive and will ensure you get a little exercise and fresh air. So, try to schedule regular meet ups with family and friends.