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Relationships Struggle at Times: How These Areas of Health Impact a Couple

All relationships regardless of length, intensity, or type require work from time to time. Fixing small issues in a relationship can help avoid larger issues once the original problems/concerns compound.


Your health plays a huge role in your relationship whether you realize it or not. The mood you are in after a great workout could be the one your significant other fell in love with.

Poor health can lead to stress on your partner if they have to pick up the slack and this works both ways. Maintenance of personal health is extremely important. You want to be the best version of yourself for your significant other (and yourself).

The following are how specific health concerns can impact a relationship in negative manners and how to address these.

Excessive Weight Gain

Excessive weight gain can lead to issues with the heart and with a reduced physical attraction to one another.

Working on your physical fitness together should start in the kitchen. A couple can avoid having to work out unreasonably when a few tweaks to their diet will solve these issues.

Cooking meals that do not have processed ingredients and avoiding heavy sauces/creams can work wonders. Investing in a stationary bike can help as well as enjoying a quick workout with a cup of coffee that will yield results.

The ability to get a workout done at home when the gym is crowded or after a long day at work oozes convenience.

Struggling with Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms with alcoholism and drug usage being the most prevalent. Addicts lie to keep their substance abuse problem a secret and lies break trust in a relationship.

The financial issues that come with many addictions can be vast with the stress of money breaking up couples daily. Addressing the addiction is important as seeking treatment early in an addiction cycle makes a difference.


The shame many addicts feel due to the things they have done and people they have hurt makes the recovery process more difficult. Seek help if you are struggling with substance abuse as it is far more common than a common person could imagine.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems can break a relationship apart whether it is anxiety, depression, outbursts of anger, or something more serious like bipolar disorder.

Taking the medication that is prescribed is imperative as it will help regulate your brain chemistry. Far too many people are committed to hospitals due to not taking their medication regularly if they suffer from a serious mental illness.

Do not be afraid to talk about this as there is no shame in needing help in regards to your mental health.

Serious Injury

A serious injury to a significant other or yourself is going to put a strain on the relationship. Sudden injuries happen daily to people that are involved in motorcycle accidents which will require a motorcycle accident attorney.

According to The Barnes Firm, All bikers know the risks on the road, and most take safety precautions to avoid an accident. Sadly, even when bikers make sure all safety measures are in place, they cannot prevent the actions of a negligent car or truck driver.

Patience is needed from both parties in the couple as it is stressful/frustrating to be injured. The injury will also stress the person taking care of the hurt person. Dedication to rehabbing the injury is imperative in order to allow life to return to some form of normalcy.

Chronic Illness

A chronic illness can be extremely difficult to deal with if you are diagnosed or your significant other receives the bad news.

At times, a couple can break up due to this being too difficult. People deal with serious health complications in very different ways so keep this in mind. Coping with this should never mean relying on drugs or alcohol to help you through the day.

Addiction is a slippery slope that will in no way help you or your partner recover from this illness. For new relationships, being honest with yourself whether it is worth staying in the relationship is the right thing to do.


You do not want to drag it out with someone you do not see long-term plans with. This will only lead to far more hurt feelings than ending a relationship in its infancy.

Relationship struggles can wear a couple down over the course of time. The last thing that you want as a couple is to resent each other due to various shortcomings.

Relationships are hard work as people and situations are changing constantly. Take the time to assess your relationship today to see where maintenance can be done to avoid a far larger fight in the future.

Communication is key if you are unhappy as not voicing this will not encourage any changes!

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