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Wonder Woman Workout for the Working Class Lady

2017 will see the blockbuster superhero movie Wonder Woman grace the movie screens. She made her first appearance in 2016’s Batman vs. Superman movie and mesmerized her female audience with her grace, confidence and charisma.

Actress Gal Gadot was transformed into the warrior princess by personal trainer Mark Wright. Although to get her physique, you don’t have to invest in a Hollywood personal trainer. All you need is the right equipment and willpower to transform yourself into a heroine like Wonder Woman.

Here’s a turbo charged workout that will unleash your inner ‘warrior princess’ and help you develop a ‘Wonder Woman’ physique!

Improve the definition in your arms and shoulders

Wonder Woman wields a sword and shield. The definition in her arms show when she is ready to confront a challenge. You can develop a similar definition by doing bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises. You can use dumbbells to do:

  • 3 sets of shoulder press exercises at 50% of your maximum weight for 15 repetitions.
  • 3 sets of lateral shoulder raises at 50% of your maximum weight for 10 repetitions.
  • 3 sets of bicep curls at 50% of your maximum weight for 15 repetitions.
  • 3 sets of tricep extensions at 40% of your maximum weight for 15 repetitions.

Shape your legs to be that of a heroine gladiator!

You want to condition your legs to be strong and toned. Fortunately, the muscle groups in the legs can easily be toned with the right training program. By doing press movements and extension exercises with your legs, you will contract the muscles and allow them to grow.

Recommended exercises include:

  • Set of 3 squats at 10 repetitions at 60% of your maximum weight.
  • Set of 3 leg extensions at 40% of your maximum weight. (This is so resistance is maintained on the muscle without impacting the knee cap).
  • Set of 3 calf raises for 20 repetitions at 80% of your maximum body weight.

These exercises should be complemented by plyometric exercises such as

  • Box jumps
  • Skipping
  • Bounding
  • Hopping

This will improve the elasticity in your muscles, making you more powerful, faster and athletic.

Improve your posture with back exercises

To have a commanding presence like the heroine of the Amazon, you need to carry yourself with a posture that radiates confidence. The easiest way to achieve this is by strengthening your core back muscles. Rowing exercises that target your inner back muscles will improve your posture. Recommended exercises include:

  • Set of 3 cable rows at 60% of your maximum weight for 15 repetitions.
  • Set of 3 dumbbell rows at 60% of your maximum weight for 15 repetitions.
  • Set of 5 deadlifts at 60% of your maximum weight for 10 repetitions.

Boost your Wonder Woman tenacity through stamina training!

The first step to getting a body like Wonder Woman is to commit to cardio training. It will help you to tone down your waist and condition your entire body so that you will appear fitter and healthier.

The best way to burn your body fat is to do cardiovascular training. The more cardio training you do, the easier it will be to maintain a calorie deficit and burn body fat. It’s useful to do an exercise on a machine that will easily monitor the amount of calories burned during your workout.

For example, 40 minutes worth of running on a treadmill at 80% of your maximum heart rate will see you burn around 400 to 600 calories per session. If you are able to run for 1 hour, you should be able to burn 700 to 800 calories, which will see you tone your body even quicker.

Cardio training for the same duration can be done on different cardio equipment such as spinning bikes, cycling machines, step machines, cross trainers and rowing machines. With this workout, you will transform yourself into one of a heroine in no time.

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