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Sigelei 150 TC: How to Prevent your Health from Hazards


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For those who are familiar in cigarette use activities must have come across the Sigelei 150 TC. The traditional rolled tobacco-filled cigarette has earned a new competitor on the market being electric cigarettes. E-cigarettes have become the in-accessories for many consumers. Nevertheless, the act is not only hazardous to health but the machine itself is not perfect and does carry some defects.


To rectify these defects, companies such as Sigelei have created mods (battery compartments) such as the Sigelei 150 TC that includes a main additional feature which is a heat regulator. This mod is their new release amongst other various temperature regulator mods they have on sale for personal electronic cigarettes.

When using the accessory for a long time, it tends to heat up because of kinetic energy. Hence the Sigelei 150 TC mod was designed to reduce heat from the coils and battery, making accessory-use longer with better performance.

So what are some of the aspects the Sigelei 150TC brings to the market?

Portability and Charge

The Sigelei 150 TC is pocket-size and makes it easy to carry around. Moreover, it’s moulded in a very forward design that has buttons to help users adjust heat levels very efficiently.

However, this Sigelei model functions on high voltage battery. Consequently, this affects the quality and quantity of both the substance and its by-end products. This highlights the main additional feature that adjusts the temperature when in use.

Temperature vs. No temperature; what’s the benefit?

Heated coils in an electronic cigarette tends to produce the targeted substance at a more indolent pace and also gives off injurious elements that sometimes leaves you with a distasteful palate.

Nevertheless, this is what provides the atomic heating for the e-cigarette liquid which is needed to make the gadget function. Furthermore, the mod provides a better solution to the actual scorching of tobacco which has numerous nocuous products.

The Sigelei 150 TC is charged by batteries and has a built-in temperature sensor that will help regulate heat levels when using the device. So one assumes that chances of generating the bad matter are less.

In hindsight, the Sigelei 150 TC may be an ideal purchase but still does not hinder one from getting one of the various medical problems that arise when using cigarettes in general. From labored breathing to clogged arteries, these health issues are still unavoidable.


The Sigelei 150 TC does not have a preventive to the nocuous matter that is produce during use. In conclusion, this accessory does not reduce the main health risks that consumers are susceptible to and while in use, still makes the electronic cigarette a health hazard.

E-cigarettes vs. Cigarettes; what’s the difference?

Unlike original cigarettes that must go through the process combustion, e-cigarettes with mods such as the Sigelei 150 TC are charged by batteries but function through kinetic energy.

A liquid substance is used as a substitute to tobacco and therefor the e-cigarette has less combusting products unlike tobacco which produces tar, odors and ash.

Nevertheless, e-cigarettes do not curb addiction. One lay argue that it is the inverse and so frequent use is overlooked. One may be more efficient and technologically modern than the other, but the fact still remains that both are designed to serve the main purpose.

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