Everyday we take food and drink into our body. The food burns in our bodies and eventually leaves a certain amount of ash, or waste, that must be eliminated.

The bod or some of its parts are constantly active and this result in a wearing out process that gives rise to there waste materials.

The function of the kidneys is to remove these waste products from the system. Should they fail in doing this, the individual concerned would soon go into Uremic syndrome.

he kidneys are two bean like shaped organs, one on either side of the spinal column at a level high enough so that the upper half is under the lowest rib.

While the blood is flowing through the kidneys, they strain out the poisonous waste matters which together with the water that the kidneys take out of the blood to make urine.

The urine passes from kidneys through a tube that leads from each kidney down to the urinary bladder, and it is voided from the bladder at the time of urination.

An adult will void from one to three pounds of urine in a day. When a person is in good health and drinking as much water as he could, the urine will be of a very light  yellow color; often times it will be almost clear as water. If this urine voided is of a deep yellow color, it shows that little water is being drunk.

In every case of illness in which there is a fever, the work of the kidneys is greatly increased and it is very important that the patient drink large quantities of pure water. It is always well to have water conveniently near so that he can drink frequently.

Alcohol does serious harm to the kidneys. It is a part of the work of the kidneys to cast out of the body anything in the blood that is harmful. In casting harmful things out the blood, the kidneys are themselves overworked thus injured.

Another organ that plays a significant part in the remove of body waste is the skin. The skin forms the outer covering of the body and protects the parts beneath it.

It may be compared to a lined garment, for it is composed of an outer and inner layer. When the skin is accidentally blistered by boiling water, the fluid in the blister is between these two layers.

There are large numbers of very small sweat glands in the inner layer of the skin. Each one of these has a little tube that leads out to the surface of the skin. The sweat contains salt and waste matters similar to those in the urine.

If the kidneys and the skin did not eliminate these waste matters, self poisoning would result very quickly. Perspiration is continually issuing from all sweat glands of the body.

Warmth and exercise increase the amount of perspiration. It is very well for everyone to take sufficient exercise daily to cause free perspiration, for this is not only keep the blood clean and pure.

People who wish to remain in good health bathe frequently in order to ward of disease. Frequent bathing removes not only the dirt which adheres to the skin but also many disease producing germs whose presence is not suspected.

Bathing also removes the many body wastes that are excreted through the sweat glands. For purposes of cleanliness it is best to use warm water and soap.

A bath in hot or cold water, followed by vigorous friction with a towel, is an excellent tonic to invigorate the body and strength it so that colds and other diseases will not be so easily contracted. The best time to take a cool bath is in the morning.

Those who are sick should be bathed daily to clean off the waste matter that accumulates on the skin during sickness. Most sick people would recover much more quickly if they were bathed daily. There is no danger of the sick person’s catching cold if bathed in a proper way. The water should be warm.

First bathe the right arm, dry and cover it; the bathe the left arm, dry and cover it; then bathe the front of the chest, dry and cover it; and so for the whole body. Since the skin has so many functions and has so much to do with the health appearance of the individual, it should be kept in good condition.

It should be kept clean not only outside by frequent bathing, but also inside by avoiding the use of tobacco and other harmful particles, whose waste materials after their consumption, have to be excreted by the skin.

By the side of the root of each hair there is a small gland that produce oil. This oil comes out on the surface of the skin and keeps the hair lustrous.

One of the very best ways to keep the hair of the head looking well is to brush it vigorously everyday. The hair should be washed occasionally with warm water and good soap to remove the dust and oil.