Growing medical marijuana is something that many Canadians have been legally doing since 2001. At this time, the first-ever medical marijuana laws were passed in Canada, allowing citizens to grow medical-grade weed at home for personal use.

The real question isn’t whether or not Canadians can legally grow at home, but how many plants are legally allowed for medical reasons.

This link will tell you all about how many plants a medical patient can grow in Canada, or just continue reading. Here we’ll cover the differences between growing recreationally vs growing with an official medical grow license.

We’ll also cover the basics of receiving a grow license, and just how many plants you might be able to grow from home.

Recreational vs Medical Growing

The Cannabis Act was officially passed on October 17th, 2018. These new laws regarding recreational cannabis use not only allow any Canadian over the age of 19 (or 18 in some provinces) to legally purchase weed, but also to grow a small number of plants from home.

Growing recreational plants is allowed almost everywhere in Canada, excluding Manitoba and Quebec.

But here’s the main difference between recreational growing and growing cannabis with a medical license. Recreational laws in all of the provinces that allow growing state that each household can have no more than 4 plants.

So even if you live with 4 roommates or you have a family of 10, you’ll only be able to have 4 plants under one roof.

Growing as an ACMPR license, on the other hand, doesn’t work that way at all. A medical license to grow is obtained by first acquiring a medical marijuana prescription.

The prescription size determines the number of plants that can be grown, so the higher the prescription, the more plants you’ll be able to grow.

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing with an ACMPR License

The other thing that needs to be considered is whether or not you plan on growing your plants indoors or outdoors.

An indoor license allows for more plants than an outdoor one, mainly because outdoor plants have the potential to become massive.

There is also the potential to obtain a license for both indoor and outdoor growing, but the thing you must remember is that laws forbid you from growing in both places at once.

How to Get the Most Out of Your ACMPR License

In order to get the most out of your license, you’ll want to be legally allowed to grow the most plants humanly possible.

There’s no sense receiving a license for just 10 plants when you could be growing 100, 200, or 500. In order to receive a higher plant count, you’ll first need to receive a prescription for a high amount of grams per day.

Many healthcare professionals are still unwilling to write high prescriptions if they’re willing to write medical marijuana prescriptions at all.

You’ll have to find a compassionate doctor that understands that some people really do need high-grams-per-day amounts in order to treat a medical condition.