Anyone who has ever had a baby can tell you that becoming a new parent changes everything. Suddenly this tiny little person is in the world, literally depending on you for survival. While new parents know to expect sleepless nights, 3 AM feedings, and endless diaper changes, there is one side effect of pregnancy and childbirth that is not always well-known: postpartum hair loss.

When you are pregnant, your body holds onto every nutrient it absorbs to ensure a healthy baby and healthy mother. Because of this, not to mention the prenatal vitamins you’re taking for an extra boost of good health, pregnant people report thicker, more lustrous hair and stronger, healthier nails.

After your baby is born, however, the pregnancy hormones that urged your body to hang onto those extra nutrients and suspend the natural shedding of hair vanish, causing much of that thick hair you grew to shed rapidly. This is completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about; however, having literal clumps of hair fall out in the shower can be quite alarming and distressing, to say the least.

Now, here’s something most new moms are probably not thinking about, but maybe should to avoid any additional trouble: what is all of that hair doing to your shower and sink drains?

We know, we know…not exactly the number one worry for a new mother who is caring for a newborn and a little freaked out by the amount of hair she just saw go down the drain, but a serious consideration nonetheless. You see, excessive amounts of hair traveling down a drain at one time can lead to pretty serious drain clogs which may require professional plumbing help.

Fear not, new parents- According to Arvada, Colorado-based plumbers Flatirons Plumbing, most plumbers have seen it all! They have the necessary tools to extract the excess hair that is clogging your drains, leaving your plumbing pipes free-flowing and clean, and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Of course, the best solution is to try to prevent so much hair from entering your drain in the first place. There are a number of products on the market designed to trap hair before it goes down the shower drain which can be found at your local hardware store or online. This is the best course of action for people with long hair in any case, as it helps stop large clumps of hair from clogging the drain before it ever becomes an issue.

One thing we’ve got to warn you about: those clog-clearing solutions on the market that you pour down the drain? Don’t do it! We know it seems like a quick fix that can save money, but over time, those harsh chemicals can cause corrosion in your pipes, leading to major costly plumbing repairs. These formulas work by sitting in the pipes as the clog dissolves, continually generating heat to break down the clog components. However, this heat can also lead to the breakdown of PVC pipes, which eventually soften and break. These clog-clearing compounds can also do quite a number on the glue that holds plumbing pipes together. In any case, you’re better off calling in the experts to deal with a particularly nasty clog instead of trying these at-home fixes.

If postpartum hair loss is taking its toll on your drains, call your Arvada, Colorado-based plumbers. We can help!