Many of us prefer to have alcoholic drinks occasionally particularly in social occasions. It is often suggested that moderate drinking- a couple of drinks a day may not be insidious for any healthy adult.

In 1999, it was published in Journal of the American Medical Association which confirmed the fact of moderate consumption of 1 or 2 drinks on a daily basis even lessen risks of cardiovascular diseases and can also reduce chance of getting a stroke. Isn’t it fantastic?

But situation begins to take shape when many of the people drink significantly more than what is regarded as the healthy amount and start to get into serious health issues with regards to their drinking habit.

The outcomes of excessive drinking are severe and perhaps can be debilitating as excessive drinking can increase the amount of risks for specific cancers, brain damage, diabetes, hypertension, liver cirrhosis and erectile dysfunction combined with several social problems.

It is actually well known aspect that excessive drinking could potentially cause erectile dysfunction or Male impotence, curtailing young healthy men from accomplishing hard erections and puts brakes on a better sexual life.

Various medical studies have been performed on erectile dysfunction and alcohol, which signifies that excessive drinking in men lowers libido to cause testicular atrophy which in lay man terms would mean shrinking of testicles.

The decline in male sex hormone and harm to reproductive organs could well be a catalyst for impotency, male infertility, enlarged male breast and reduced facial and body hair. Heavy alcohol consumption can ruin various urological systems in a man, including those linked to sexual production.

Alcohol even in a small amount in some people may cause impairment in judgment, reaction time and coordination. It also jeopardizes work and household accidents, traffic accidents and falls. Alcoholism puts drinkers at a risk of serious clashes with family members, colleagues and friends. The more heavily they drink, the greater the chance for trouble at home, with friends, at work and even with strangers.

After reading the above article which tells you how alcohol can affect your physical, emotional and sexual life in big way, consider quitting it as early as possible. Wouldn’t it be great in your case if you try decreasing your drinks for getting hard erection again to enable you to easily satisfy your partner and get healthy sexual life?

If you still have problem getting your penis up and hard, then you may have low levels of testosterone triggered by alcohol usage and can take helps of various supplements to boost your body’s natural testosterone production in body. But before introducing such supplements in your diet, make sure you consult thoroughly with doctor so as to get the maximum benefit out of them.

To conclude the article, I must say that by controlling and regulating your alcohol intake at the outset you will be in fat better health.  Moreover, you will be working to ensure that you are never plagued by a permanent condition of alcohol impotence.

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