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How Can the Best Pregnancy Pillows Be Helpful?

The eternal joy of being pregnant is ineffable. But the physical pain and suffering that pregnancy brings along with it is very challenging and heart throbbing. So, to prevent your memorable period from turning into a nightmare, best pregnancy pillows are available in the market in various shapes and sizes that facilitate the pregnant women with comfy sleep and rest.

The pillows can prove to be of great advantage even after pregnancy for the purpose of breast feeding. Comfortable not only for pregnant women; these pillows also help in providing ease to people suffering with nasal congestions, heart burn, gas problems, bone problems, etc.

During pregnancy, the body of the mother continuously experiences a change due to the growth of the baby. This may hinder the sound sleeping patterns of the expectant. In order to provide comfort from body aches like back pain and reduce swollen ankles due to retaining of water by elevating them in air, best pregnancy pillows are the perfect choice.

Depending upon the part of the body that needs support, best pregnancy pillows can be chosen from the following various types:

  • Flexible shaped pillows: These pillows are replacement to many straight pillows. Stuffed with many micro beads or Styrofoam balls, they have two slight curves and take the shape according to the body of the pregnant woman.
  • Wedge shaped pillows: Smallest and the cheapest of all those available, these pillows are portable and available in two attractive shapes, round and triangular. Wedge shaped pillows assist in supporting the back, head and stomach.
  • Total body pregnancy pillows: These are the best pregnancy pillows that provide support to the entire body of the pregnant lady. Available in C or U shape, they provide the maximum possible support and comfort. Despite being a little expensive and slightly difficult to carry due to the large size, these are the most preferred ones. The quality of material used can be trusted upon. Filled with memory foam, polyester, micro beads or Styrofoam balls, they are light weight and user friendly.

Body pregnancy pillows also come in a wide range to equip the pregnant woman with best possible support and comfort. These are as follows:

Junior size: Measuring 27 x 21.4 x 4.6 inches and weighing 7.6 pounds, these pregnancy pillows are 15 inches shorter on either side as compared to over sized pregnancy pillows. These are stuffed with 100 per cent polyester filling with zip lock system and require an extra cover.

U-shaped premium contoured body pregnancy pillows: Comforting pregnant ladies and people with heart burn, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica pains and nasal congestions, these pillows are designed to support the back and belly. With the dimensions of 7 x 15.1 x 12.7 inches, they weigh 4.9 pounds and are available in fascinating colors with a removable white zippered protector.

Leacho Snoogle: Supporting the hips, back, neck and tummy, this easy-to-wash pillow has a unique temperature control quality that controls sweating while cuddling. Leacho back-n-belly contoured body pillow and Leacho mini compact side sleeper are other types of best pregnancy pillows.

You can choose the suitable and the best pregnancy pillows to provide utmost comfort and support.

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