When it comes to your smile, are you a person that’s happy to grin big and show your teeth, or are you one of the ones that is embarrassed by your smile. Maybe you are missing your teeth, or maybe they are discolored. Whatever reason, if you aren’t able to smile or spend your life feeling uncomfortable about your teeth it could be affecting other parts of your life.

Your Self-Esteem

When you can smile and feel good about yourself it makes a giant difference in your life. A healthy smile is an excellent confidence builder, and if you can’t smile then you may need to get some health. Self-esteem is important if you want to live a happy life, enjoy your job, and even have healthy relationships.

If you aren’t feeling very confident in your smile it’s time to visit a dentist. Depending on what your issues are cosmetic dentistry may be the answer for you. You could have your failing teeth replaced with shiny new ones that will make your smile feel brand new again.


When you don’t smile you come off as grumpy or angry, and that can chase away friends and even mess up your romantic relationships. While it could help to explain why it’s hard for you to smile, sometimes this explanation comes too late, after friends are already lost or you’ve missed opportunities to make new ones.

Your Job

If you are searching for a career and you have a mouth full of missing teeth it’s the sad truth that you may get passed over for many jobs because of your smile. If the jobs requires you to be a prominent figure and you can’t smile at the customers without scaring them, that could be a problem.

If you already have work you may want to hold onto it, but there could be a chance that your missing teeth could be harmful to your career as well.

Your Health

Your mouth is a huge health matter. If you have gum disease, missing or failing teeth, cavities and other mouth health issues, you could be harming your internal health as well. Cavities can cause heart problems, and it can even affect your baby if you are pregnant.

Don’t ignore the health of your mouth, even if you are already used to your missing or broken teeth and you don’t care what your smile looks like. You could be shortening your life by living with bad teeth, and it may be an easy fix for your dentist.

Taking good care of your teeth before they get bad can help prevent cavities and tooth loss as well. That means that you need to brush no less than two times a day and floss daily!