Menopause is the period when a woman is not able to give birth, and this is because of the hormonal changed that take place in the body of a woman. There are many symptoms that occur to a woman during this phase, and this can cause the woman to develop stress. Menofreeze is a supplement that can help to manage the symptoms of menopause. There are many ways in which one can manage stress during menopause, and they include:


It is advisable to take part in routine exercise when one is going through menopause. The forms of exercise include going for a walk with a friend, joining a yoga class, hiking or biking. One should take part in an activity in which they enjoy, and this will help to reduce stress in the body. Exercise is a great way to stay in shape and reduce stress. It is also important to take part in deep breathing exercises as a way of relaxing the body.

The simple exercises that one can take part in for deep breathing include: sitting in a chair that has a straight back, and resting the feet on the floor, resting the hands on the abdomen, slowly count to four or five as you breathe in through the nose, hold the breath for some time for a second, slowly count to five while breathing out and allowing the abdomen to fall slowly. It is advisable to repeat this exercise for five to ten times.


Talking is one of the therapeutic ways of reducing stress. There is a saying that goes’ a problem shared is a problem half solved’. It is advisable to share your fears and concerns with family members, a counselor, health care professional or a friend who can give good advice.

Take control of your happiness

This is an intentional step for the women who are going through menopause. One should not allow the menopausal stage to take control of your life. It is advisable to have a close and an open relationship with a menopause specialist or a health care provider who can help in managing the symptoms associated with menopause. The specialist will help you to be able to manage the tough times, therefore, reducing the level of stress. It is advisable to take menofreeze to help in the management of menopausal symptoms, and they include night sweats, hot flushes, vaginal dryness and mood swings.

Eat healthy

Eating a bar of chocolate is one way of reducing stress but over indulgence can also cause other health issues. Therefore, it is important to take three nutritious and well-balanced diets daily to help in reducing stress. It is also important to include fresh fruits, vegetables and take at least eight glasses of water per day.

Avoid alcohol and coffee

The drinks that contain caffeine increase the level of cortisol hormone, and this elevates the level of stress. Alcohol is known to make one feel drowsy and relaxed, but it also interferes with the sleep pattern. It is therefore not a good option for reducing stress because there are other risks that are involved with taking it.

Adequate sleep

It is important to sleep adequately for one to be able to stay alert during the working hours. Most adults will require six to nine hours of sleep per day. This helps the body to relax and be able to perform the duties that are expected of it. It is important to know the sleep requirements of your body and ensure that you get as much as you can.


It is important to rest the body to reduce stress levels. When the body is tired, there is an increase of stress hormones. To relax the body, it is advisable to meditate through listening to music and reading books, and positive thinking.

Invest in the company of friends

Both happiness and misery love company. It is important to invest in the company of good friends when one is going through a stressful stage of life or a situation. It is important to have people who make you feel better and improve yourself image. This will help to reduce stress when one is going through menopause.


Menopausal stage is usually accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms that are likely to cause stress and anxiety. It is advisable to take part in activities that reduces stress and stay with friends that make you feel better about yourself. It is also advisable to take menofreeze, a supplement that helps to increase comfort when one is going through menopause.