We all know it’s so easy to stray from a healthy diet, or to skip just one day of our fitness plan, or to just eat one more cookie that ends tasting not sweet, but bittersweet.

Then we choose to soothe our guilty conscience by adhering to another set of healthier choices, stay by our intentions, and again end up right where we started.

However, life is the right kind of balance, balance between right and wrong, and we all know what is good for our body, but why not choose the best – and tip the good over the bad, unprocessed and organic over processed and toxic.

There are many reasons to choose organic and natural – and this is where it’s all lined out for you, so read on.

Environmental Good

Embracing an organic lifestyle has multiple benefits. Organic farming method helps regulate the amounts of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers normally found in agriculture.

Health of the planet is thereby persevered, as is the top soil, which then leads to us – consumers. Our exposure to toxins only leads to numerous health crises, in relation to toxins derived from industrial production of polluted agricultural produce end up in our cosmetic products, clothes, and even childcare products.

In addition, a study published earlier in 2014 ‘Food Additives and Contaminants’ only confirms our greatest fears: hazardous chemicals found in food packaging associated with highly processed foods are linked to fertility issues and cancer. Of course that we should be worried and make better choices for our own good.

The toxins that we are exposed to every day, in the air that we breathe, in our food, clothes, skincare products, and technology we use can be very damaging.  Opting for an organic lifestyle helps lessen these harmful effects on our environment and ourselves considerably.

Choose Organic Food for the Inside

Because our modern diet includes more food-like products than actual food, we have become more susceptible to an array of allergies. A recent research project, conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), pinpointed the alarming rise in allergic asthma over the last fifty years.

The problem appears to be a lack of fermentable fibers in our diet and the impact this has not only on our gut but also on our lungs. Without sufficient consumption of these fibers, which can be found both in fruit and vegetables, many of us are prone to suffer from asthma and other inflammatory allergic reactions.

By adopting an organic lifestyle and consuming organic foods, with a focus on intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, we will get the fiber we need to keep our gut healthy and our immune system undefeatable, therefore reducing our chances of suffering from all kinds of insufferable allergies, coronary diseases and obesity.

Choose Organic Clothing for the Outside

A much better choice over industrial cotton is organic cotton, and it is crucial that clothes be made from organic cotton, for our well-being and for preserving the environment as well.

The main benefit of organic cotton is that it produces stronger and more resilient fibers, which in the long run mean that your clothes will be more sustainable to wear and tear. It’s a win-win situation. Both your clothes look great and you are making a healthier choice when choosing organic clothing.

Needless to say, an organic lifestyle in which you are taking care of yourself by eating clean and wearing organic clothes and taking care of the planet will make you feel good and look good every day.

By choosing an organic lifestyle, you automatically choose a fulfilled, healthy and happy lifestyle as well. The best way to lead a long and strong life is to start making healthy decisions straight away.