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Infographic: Natural Rehab in Your Kitchen

Did you know that juicing can do a lot more than the all-important job of providing additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your body? Yes, you read that right, because juicing can help you if you are trying to kick the drug and alcohol habit, just like so many of us are trying to achieve in this health-conscious world of ours.

One of the largest and most important organs in the human body is the liver, because it is responsible for filtering out all the toxins in your body. When you are addicted to a toxic substance, such as alcohol or drugs, your liver becomes worn out and damaged from all the extra work it has to do.

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs can wreak havoc on many organs in the body, including the liver, heart and kidneys. Juicing can do two important things: cleanse the body of toxins and rejuvenate all of your organs with vital nutrients.

When a person decides to give up an unhealthy lifestyle, their body begins the repair process, but juicing can speed up the detoxification process. This means you can be back to your old self in no time.

Are you worried about cravings? Juicing can help ease them in as little as 15 days, believe it or not. Find out what else juicing can do to help you get healthy again. Besides doing all that, juicing is delicious, and it’s a fun way of consuming more fruits and vegetables.

And speaking of vegetables, find out which ones work best, as well as how to combine them into delicious juice recipes that you’ll enjoy every day. We’ll give you all the ingredient ideas and recipes to get you well on your way to the new you.
Natural Rehab

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