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Health Benefits of Exercise for Men

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It’s challenging, but you have to at least try to eat right and exercise. – Joely Fisher

Staying physically active throughout your life is the best way to keep healthy and live long. Here are 10 health benefits of exercise for men:

  1. Lower cholesterol– Aging can upset the levels of good and bad cholesterol in the body, which becomes one of the major factors of heart disease in men. The best way to maintain a balance of good and bad cholesterol is have a diet low in saturated fat and increase your physical activity.
  2. Lower triglycerides- Triglycerides are a type of fat that is found in the blood. High levels of triglycerides increase the risk of heart disease. Regular exercise can benefit men by reducing the level of triglycerides.
  3. Lower risk of high blood pressure- Aging tends to increase the risk of high blood pressure in men, which in turn increases the risk of stroke and heart diseases. According to a recent study, physical activity has shown to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure.
  4. Better blood vessels-Aging, smoking and high cholesterol tend to stiffen blood vessels in the body, thereby increasing the risk of heart attacks in men. Exercising helps maintain the flexibility of blood vessels.
  5. Lower risk of diabetes-Adult onset diabetes is usually caused by too much body fat. Staying physically active not only helps you shed weight but reduces the risk of diabetes. Also, a balanced diet for diabetes can also help lower the chances of developing this disease.
  6. Reduce risk of colon cancer- Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, however, some risk factors within your control may reduce the risk of getting cancer. A healthy diet and exercise are two of those factors.
  7. Strong bones- One of the effects of aging is thinning bones, which can increase the risk of fractures. Men who are engaged in strenuous physical activity are reported to have lowered their risk of hip fractures.
  8. Weight loss- Men who indulge themselves in physical activity tend to have slimmer waistlines. Even simple activities like walking for half an hour everyday can keep weight under control. A healthy diet for weight loss also benefits.
  9. Longer life- According to a study, men who are engaged in regular physical activities like, swimming, jogging, gardening, skiing are less likely to have cardiovascular disease or to die of any cause. An active life also means a longer and a healthier life.
  10. Enhances mood- Committing to a regular physical activity can reduce the risk of developing depression. Exercise also lifts your mood even if you are bogged down by the daily pressures of life.
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Although physical activity may never get its 15 minutes of infomercial fame, it holds tremendous potential for the physical and mental health of every man. Try some today!

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