GM Diet

General motors reportedly developed the GM diet to help its employees lose weight. GM has collaborated on diet plan to both FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION and the US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE and it was first tested at JOHNS HOPKINS RESEARCH CENTER in 1985.

About Diet Plan –

This simple diet plan is for seven days. If you want to follow this diet you must have to be patient and deterministic. The amazing part of this diet plan is you don’t have to starve you can eat as much as you want.

This diet plan works on the principle, the food you eat will burn more calories than the amount of energy they provide for the body that store in the form of fat. Research shows people have reported losses of between 10 and 17 lbs. per week. So I think this is an amazing diet plan for you if you want to lose weight without much effort.

The important part of this diet is you should drink as much water as you can. It is recommended that you should drink 8 glasses of water in a day. And to get more fruitful result of this diet plan abstain from alcohol during these seven days.

The Fruit Day
· You can eat any fruit except bananas.
·  There is no limit on quantity.
·  Specifically you should eat a lot of melons on the first day. In fact, if you eat melons in large amount it will get your weight loss off to a great start.
DAY 2-
Veggie Day
· Today you eat only vegetables.
· You can eat them either cooked or raw and there is restriction on the types or amount you can eat.
· You can have a baked potato for breakfast on this day, with a pat of butter.
·         This will provide the body with the complex carbohydrates and fiber that will provide energy for the rest of the day.
DAY 3 Fruit + Vegetables ·         Except for bananas and potatoes, you can eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables on this day in whatever amount you choose.

·         Potatoes are not needed, as carbohydrates will come from the fruit. This day your body start burning excess pounds.

DAY 4- Banana Day · You can eat eight bananas and have drink three glasses of milk on this day.
· You can have soup whose recipe is given below.
· The bananas are beneficial because they will aid to replace the potassium and sodium that the body have lost in the previous three days.
DAY 5- Protein Day · This day you will eat beef and tomatoes- six tomatoes and two 10 oz. portions of beef.
· All of the tomatoes should be eaten but not all the beef needs to be consumed.
· The beef will provide your body iron and protein and tomatoes provide fiber that helps in digestion.
DAY 6 · This day you will eat beef today but replace tomatoes with a variety of vegetables of your own choice.
· On this day your body is completely inclined towards weight loss and you see a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel lighter compared to when you started the diet.
If you are pure vegetarian then you can consume 250 gm cheese + 150 ml curd+ 20gm soya chunks in place of beef.
If you love eggs, replace cheese with egg white.
DAY 7 · On the last day of the plan, you eat brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited vegetables.
· The meal plan for the last seven days, have completely cleansed and flushed out extra fat and you find that you have lose 10 to 17 lbs.

Recipe of soup for day 4

Follow the simple steps and your soup is ready.
Take a mixture of ingredients and boil it for 5 minutes and the add salt and pepper.


  • Sliced onion
  • Three tomatoes
  • 750 ml of  water
  • 2-Green Chilies
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Lettuce leaf

Hope you find this article useful. Eat healthy, stay healthy and be happy.