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Our daily activities has become a consistent routine that we have gotten so used to living in a hurry and constantly staying in motion. The only time we are resting is when we are sleeping. We hardly even take naps anymore. The excuse we always have is, “we don’t have time”.

But what if I told you there is a simple exercise you could do that wouldn’t take much effort and would give you the very best result? What if there was a routine that could change your life for good and it doesn’t require any heavy lifting? Would you spend, “let’s say at least twenty minutes to do it?”

Exercises are good for the human body and mind as it helps us to stay fit and healthy. Here is one simple work-out with some of the benefits it has.

  • Maintain a comfortable lying position close to a wall and place a pillow or a soft roller just under your lower back.
  • Lay your hands down by the sides of your body and stretch your legs along the wall.
  • Stay this way and relaxed for at least 15 minutes.

It is imperative that you wear lose clothes when doing this exercise. Tight clothes may block blood circulation and interfere with the flow of blood. Tight waist bands, hand bands and chains should also be avoided.

Evidently, laying down with your legs up wouldn’t count as a regular exercise but it may surprise you to know that it works more magic than you think. This exercise is considered yoga or a form of relaxation technique. Nonetheless, this pastime is very beneficial to your circulatory system.

The only issue one might have doing this routine is if one is suffering from a chronic injury of the spine or legs. This exercise has to be done precisely or else you stand the risk of causing muscle tension and this may interfere with the leveling of your spine.

You would be doing it wrong if you lay down too far from or too close to the wall. Or when the roller or pillow placed under your back or neck is too soft. Some of the benefits of having your legs raised everyday includes;

1. Takes care of the feeling of heaviness in the legs:

The feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs can be linked with poor circulation of blood. This could also be a result of kidney or heart failure, excess weight and poor diet. Lifting your legs could contribute in helping you feel better as you try to tackle any of the above causes of heaviness and swelling of your legs as it helps with blood circulation.

2. Relieves fatigue in the legs

There is no doubt that women who walk in heels look amazingly gorgeous. However, if you are in the habit of wearing heels, you should know that it do a disservice to your legs as well as health. Women often get tired when wearing heels due to the poor body weight distribution that it causes.

After a long day wearing stilettos, it would be of great service to you if you have your legs up for at least 15-mins everyday. All you need to do is take your shoes off, lay down, relax and have your legs up, and let the healing process begin.

Our legs get tired too and it is very okay to have them rest after every long day. Changing your body position and improving the venous ducts helps your legs and body relax. You could also introduce leg massage or have them soaked in warm water for best relaxing result.

3. Helps to improve digestion

The activities in your stomach can be greatly improved if you lift your legs from time to time. The blood that goes into your internal organs are improved through drainage of the blood that flows from the legs. Smooth muscles that are constriction and relaxation of the stomach (peristalsis) get toned.

This makes digestion of food easier. Also, the activities in the digestive system is improved since blood circulation is improved, hence, causing the nutrients you eat easily absorbed.

4. Stress-free nervous system

It’s been discovered that lifting your legs improved overall body relaxation and helps breathing in more air easier. Your body tissues get more oxygen and also helps with better blood circulation into our internal organs. This helps to reduce tension in the neck, stomach, legs and temple area. Amazing right? I thought so too.

5. Improved quality of sleep

Insomnia is a condition that is characterized by sleep deprivation, and one major reason for insomnia is the feeling of uneasiness and discomfort in the legs (swelling, burning and goosebumps).

Regularly lifting the legs helps the brain receive more oxygen, thereby improving on blood circulation.

This helps you sleep better as the body is taught to maintain a peaceful position without being interrupted. Would you like to try this simple position? Have you tried it before and benefited from it? Please share your experiences with us. Thank you.