Opposite arm and leg lift

The winter season is almost over and you know what that means – it is time to start getting ready for summer! It might be hard at the beginning, getting used to going to the gym in the morning instead of just laying around your apartment but we trust that you will stay true to your wish to improve yourself!

Most women usually tend to put a lot of energy doing the butt and legs exercises and it is not uncommon to skip the upper body exercises!

But we believe that all of that will change after you spend a few minutes going through our article because we decided to dedicate a whole article just for the 5 most efficient upper body exercises just for women! But first, let’s discuss why these exercises are so important!

Why should you not skip the upper body exercises?

If you tend to regularly swim, bike, run or do aerobics, then you must invest in your upper body, meaning that you need to carefully increase your upper body strength. And this is where the upper body exercises come in handy!

By strengthening your upper body, you will naturally improve your posture and help you prevent any future injuries. Plus, upper body exercises help you burn calories at a much greater rate, and is it not that what any woman craves?

The 5 upper body exercises that you must try!

1. Traditional Push-Ups

Traditional Push-UpsTo do a simple push-up all that you need is proper motivation and patience since there is no need for any fancy equipment! You can use your favorite yoga mat to lay on or simply use your favorite carpet to do that.

This exercise will help you strengthen not only your arms and back muscles but also your core muscles and you will feel your balance as it improves in no time! To do this exercise, move into a plank position with your arms shoulder-width apart.

Try to keep your back as straight as you can as you lower your chest to the floor. Do at least a series of 10 push-ups and rest for a few minutes.

2. The Triceps Push-Up

Triceps Push-UpAs the term says, this is a modified push up that is specially designed for your triceps to benefit from. Apart from the biceps, you will see the muscles on your chest, shoulders and core muscles.

The trick with doing a proper triceps push up is to remember that after placing your body in a plank position, to place your arms closer together compared with the traditional push-up. Everything else is the same as the traditional push-up.

3. The Prone Superman

Prone SupermanBy performing this exercise maybe you will not gain more strength in your upper body, but you will sure get a nice stretch in your arms and especially your lower back!

Are just among the many women that suffer from lower body pain? If you answer is yes, then this is the exercise that you should never miss!

4. The Chair Dips

Chair DipsIf you want the strong chest, back, and arms, then this is the exercise that needs to take a regular part in your exercising routine. All that you need to perform it is your favorite chair, but not the one with wells; you do not want to hurt yourself while performing it, right?

Simply place the chair behind you put your hands on your chair and starts lowering your back as you make sure that your arms are bending to a 90-degree angle.

Once you reach the 90-degree angle hold that position for a couple of seconds and start strengthening your arms again as you lift your body into the starting position.

5. Opposite arm and leg lift

Opposite arm and leg liftStand on your hands and legs and from that position, lift your right arm and at the same time lift your left leg. Hold your arm and leg in this position for at least 5 seconds, then release them and repeat the same move using your left hand and right leg. Do 10 to 15 repeats of this exercise to get the full effect.


If you are new to exercising it might be hard to get started watching all those different videos and reading all those articles. You can make that process easier for you and simply join a gym where a professional trainer will guide you through the process, but if you are looking for a way to save up some money then you need to look for a different option!

And we thought the same thing! But, we cannot offer all the exercises in one article. So, we decided to dedicate an article to the benefits of upper body workout for women! We listed 5 upper body exercises that in our opinion are most efficient for strengthening your arms, chest, and back as well as your core muscles in the process.

And we made sure not to list any exercise that requires special equipment so that you can do these exercises at home! Use the physical benefits of dips exercise, as well as the traditional push-ups and other important exercises to gain more arm strength in no time!