The ultimate goal of our life is to live long healthily. Most of the time, we consider physical fitness to be the only determinant of well-being. But the overall wellness of an individual doesn’t mean only to be fit physically.

How healthy a person is measured by the three crucial parameters: nutrition, physical activity, and psychological disposition. Three of these parameters are equally important to lead a balanced life.

For example, no matter how good your physical condition is, if your physiological health is lagging, you cannot ensure a healthy lifestyle. Here comes the concept of the nutrition health wellness triangle focusing on the equal significance of all three factors in human life.

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What is the Nutrition Health Wellness Triangle?

The nutrition health wellness triangle is a tool or a holistic approach that examines your physical, nutritional, and psychological well-being, emphasizing the equal importance on all three elements of the triangle.

The psychological health, besides your intake or fitness, also depends on your mental or emotional wellness and social relations. Sometimes, your spiritual beliefs also correlate with social well-being.

A wholesome balance among all these constituents ensures a healthy lifestyle, letting you enjoy your life to the fullest, increasing your longevity!

Significance of the Nutrition Health Wellness Triangle in human life

Life doesn’t only mean to survive or perish; instead, it is a measurement of a spectrum of health, having death on one side, and wellness on the other.

The healthier a person is, the more distant he is from dying. It is the real basis of the triangle. A balance among the three elements ensures your well-being, whereas only emphasizing on one side of the triangle can lead you to poor health.

A planned intake of nutrition, doing physical exercises, and healthy mental condition allows you to improve your lifestyle. Let’s focus on why all three constituents of the triangle are equally significant.

Importance of Planned Nutrition

We all think nutrition to be the most significant part of health. Well, it is true, but to ensure the proper well-being, you need a balanced diet.

The activities of the human body are run by some chemicals, including calcium, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, iron zinc, and many more that we mainly get from food except oxygen.

A balance among these chemicals ensures that the body and mind can function well, letting you enjoy a longer life. Thus planned nutrition is the foundation of the triangle, and without it, the body cannot generate the required energy.

So you fail to do physical activities that eventually degrade your physical wellness. To maintain a decent psychological disposition, you need proper nutrition as what you eat directly influences your psychic actions.

A planned diet helps your brain perform best by preserving it from inflammation and oxidative stress that can damage the cells.

An intake full of vitamins and minerals doesn’t only ensure proper digestion but also prevents mental illness and regulates your emotions allowing you to undergo higher psychological processes.

Importance of Physical Fitness

Fitness is a very crucial factor in a healthy lifestyle. To keep your body fit physically, you have to get habituated with a few things:

  • Doing regular exercise
  • Taking breakfast regularly
  • Having a balanced diet three times a day
  • Sleeping for at least eight hours
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Avoiding alcohol and sugary beverages

When you are fit physically, you can combat anxiety, depression, and enjoy sound mental health. It also spurs the metabolism, burns up the excess calories, maintains muscle mass, and helps combat obesity that can increase your life expectancy.

A daily exercise coupled with planned nutrition has positive impacts on sharpening your memory, improving your sleeping habit and mood, and lets you feel positive about yourself being a convincing medication treating mental illness.

Importance of Better Psychological Disposition

Though a very significant aspect yet it is often overlooked while considering our overall well-being. Most of the time, people focus on improving the other two sides of the triangle, neglecting their psychological health.

Proper nutrition and physical fitness are essential, but you cannot secure overall wellness without having sound psychological conditions. They regulate your behaviours, thought, and actions influencing your productivity and effectiveness.

Your psychological well-being depends on how sound your social and mental health is. Ensuring a better psychical disposition include:

  • Accepting and loving yourself
  • Avoiding negative thoughts and relationships
  • Expressing your feeling calmly
  • Accepting criticism
  • Gaining knowledge
  • Having good friends
  • Respecting others
  • Maintaining good social relations
  • Having spiritual faith
  • Being content with what you have

The fact is, your thoughts and determinations control your actions. The better your mental health is, the more determinant you can be towards your goal of enhancing your longevity.

Avoiding the temptation of your favourite food or habituating to daily exercise is not simple, but you do it as you have a mindset.

When you are in a sound psychological condition, you can make better decisions, and cope with stress and obstacles of daily life successfully letting you lead a wholesome life.

The nutrition health wellness triangle signifies the well-being of human health, allowing us to measure how balanced our life is.

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