Now that you’ve become a mother, it seems that time is as sparse as ever. Fitting another activity into your daily life seems like a near impossible task.

You’re already slammed with work, meetings, dinner, housework, kids’ activities and other duties. How can you ever find the time to exercise? It is simple, actually.

If you want to do something, you will. That’s as simple as it can get. While it might require that you eliminate another activity out of your life, the benefit of exercise each day is certainly worth one less thing on your agenda.

Exercise helps you feel great on the inside and look amazing on the outside while reducing sickness and disease.

When time is of the essence but you want to live a healthy lifestyle complete with daily exercise, these five tips will help you regain that 30 minutes (or more) per day that you need to stay active. Put each of these tips to good use, and you will be the best (mom) that you can be!

Exercise to a Different Beat

Who says that exercise has to be done in the gym or consist of squats and sit-ups? There are many ways that you can get your exercise in when you are strapped for time. Housecleaning is a good example.

Turn the music on loud, get our the vacuum cleaner, and get your body moving as you sweep back and forth on the floor or wipe down the windows. You can get the house clean and get your exercise in at the same time.

This is just one example of how to turn ordinary activities into physical and enjoyable acts of exercise. Walk to lunch from work. Jog with the baby in the stroller. You can find a way to exercise.

Make Exercise a Priority

Exercise should become a priority in your life if you want to actually get results. Add it to your daily schedule as a must, not an option.

As already mentioned, you might have to eliminate something else from the schedule to have the time to exercise. This is why it is so important that you make it a priority.

Get Up Earlier

Waking up 30 minutes to one hour earlier each day can help you find the needed time to exercise. First of the morning exercise is really invigorating and a wonderful way to start the day.

Although it might not feel this way when you first start, once your body has had the time to adjust you will love this new morning routine and how amazing you feel.

Watch TV Like This

You have one of two options regarding TV: You can give it up for good, or you can turn TV time into productive time. Since it is almost unreasonable to give up your TV time, the best option is to make your time in front of the tube beneficial. Do squats during commercials.

Watch exercise and healthy living shows, and get up, get your socks on and get to work! You can add about 20 minutes of exercise to your daily schedule with this simple TV trick.

Socialize and Exercise

If you want to make your exercise routine more fun and easier to tackle each day, why not invite a friend to join in with your efforts? It is always better to have someone there with you.

This friend can give you moral support and help you keep on keepin’ on even on the days that you don’t really want to work out. You can turn a girl’s day out into a day of physical healing if you exercise together.