You heard it from your mom and grandmother that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is some truth to that. Unfortunately, not all people realize its importance. It is called breakfast for a reason.

It “breaks” the longest fasting period of the body. Breakfast after sleeping is important because it will replenish the glucose supply of the body. Glucose is crucial to keep the energy pumping throughout the day.

Preparing breakfast is sometimes inconvenient especially if you woke up late. If you didn’t wake up late, you will feel lazy cooking. That is the common scenario in almost all households. But at the end of the day, the body won’t understand, it will automatically shut down if you do not take good care of it. With this in mind, you need to start a healthy diet by preparing breakfast every morning.

The good news is that there are meals that you can whip in just a few minutes. The options are infinite if you give it a chance. Here are some examples of healthy breakfast that will surely jump start your day:

Oatmeal egg:

Oatmeal these days are not plain and boring. There are plenty of things that you can think of that can go together with oatmeal. You can try savory oatmeal with egg. The usual thing you do when preparing oatmeal is putting honey, sugar or cinnamon.

Why not try adding poached eggs instead and then sprinkling it with cheese to add flavor? It will be exciting and you will like it. And oatmeal is also very good for sex as reported by many member reports on a popular sexual health forum.

Avocado toast with egg sandwich:

You should know that avocados are super foods because of the numerous nutrients it yields. In fact, many studies revealed that avocados contain more nutrients than almost any other fruit. It is time to put all the nutrients to good use.

Smash an avocado first and then put it on your toasted bread. After the avocado, layer it with sunny side up eggs. This is an excellent morning snack as well. Leftover overload: It is not good to waste good food.

Only throw food if it is spoiled. Having leftovers is a good thing if you are tired preparing for breakfast. Just add a twist from last night’s meal and voila – you have a breakfast. What you need to do is to microwave the leftover then put some eggs. Heat it for 45 seconds and garnish it with Parmesan cheese if you have additional flavor.


There will be times that cooking is not possible but that is not an excuse not to have breakfast. If this happens, you can make smoothies easily. Allot time blending available fruits and vegetables. Smoothies taste good and it is packed with nutrients.

It is like getting all the nutrients in one gulp. Try blending together yogurt, bananas, honey, and soy milk. You only need some ice cubes as well. It is better to prepare it at night so you can still freeze it.

Eating breakfast is important. It will help you tackle the day. You started your day right what could go wrong?