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Decorate Your Space With These Four Gorgeous Home Grown Flowers

There comes a time when you get downright tired of how your home looks. And what does that mean? That means it’s time for a home revamp! With the amount of tutorials and DIY tools out there, there is no telling what you can do to your home to make it look better.

A great way to bring your home to life whether indoors or outdoors is with flowers. They give off a great scent, depending on which you get, and can add color to the space of your choosing. Not to mention, they are also cheap and won’t cost a big chunk of your budget.

When it comes to choosing your array of flowers, it’s important to consider the colors, sizes, and looks to get a better idea of what you’re going for. To help, here is a look at four specific flower types you can grow at home to have your place looking and smelling like new.

1. Double Fiesta French Marigolds

Double Fiesta French MarigoldsThese awesome blooms come in fiery orangey red and yellow colors and can become a great indoor or outdoor accent to your home. They may be called ‘double fiesta’ for a reason as they have a bright and lively shape to their petals.

The great thing about these flowers is that they bloom annually and you can either choose to pick up their newly formed seeds from dead buds or you can allow them to fall to the ground to be ready for the next summer. This way you save yourself the work of having to replant them properly and you can let nature take its course (unless you want to plant them elsewhere around the house).

2. Carnations

CarnationsCarnations are classic flowers for their look and their color schemes of soft pinks and purples and reds. Their pillowy ruffled petals can be great accents to a homemade bouquet for your living room and for bringing in bright colors.

Carnations are a great way to add a romantic touch to your bedroom or bathroom. Carnations can grow to differing heights anywhere from 12 to 24 inches and can give off a delicious scent during their peak.

3. Salmon Peony Poppies

Salmon Peony PoppiesPeonies are a close favorite to carnations as they also have a similar soft pillowy petals. These flowers can grow as tall as 32 inches tall and they make a strong presence in any garden they are planted in. Not to mention they also help you keep a healthy garden because they attract good bugs that ensure pollination.

When planting salmon peony poppies, remember to always do it when the weather is warm, as any hint of frost can keep them from flowering properly or flowering at all.

4. Pheasant’s Eye Seeds

Pheasant’s Eye SeedsDon’t let the name fool you. This could be another gorgeous addition to your garden. The pheasant’s eye seeds come in a deep red hue and can be a change to the usual red roses you might be using as flower arrangements indoors.

These flowers are an annual flowering plant and are great for growing in pots and flower holders due to their tendency for being invasive and overtaking other plants. That’s to say that the plant is a powerful addition to your garden and can be used as an accent plant instead of a base plant.

Get Started Planting

Planting and harvesting your own flowers has never been easier than today, with all the easy tools and affordable flower packets available to you. To get a better idea where you can get your hands on fresh and ready to plant seeds you can check out this online flower hub with over 280 flower seed varieties to choose from. It just takes a little work and a dash of imagination. The best thing about decorating with flowers is that it isn’t a hassle or

hard labor. Plus, you’ll get your creative juices flowing when making floral arrangements.
They don’t take up too much space, and they are sure to pleasantly catch your friend’s and family’s eye. Have you chosen your favorite flowers to plant and decorate with yet?

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