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Choose a Prom Dress to Compliment Your Body Style


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Every teen girl dreams of experiencing the perfect prom, but even harder than finding the perfect date is finding the perfect dress.


Finding the perfect prom dress takes understanding how different styles work with different bodies. With almost half of all girls in plus-size clothing, it’s a matter of having the right dress for your body.

If you dream of making a grand entrance at your prom, but worry that you won’t find one to work with your body style, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You are perfect and don’t need to change anything, so appreciate the body you have and shop for styles that work for who you are
  • If you’re fuller-figured, stay away from sequins, as shiny materials will emphasize problem areas
  • Keep it simple – sometimes the most striking prom dresses are simple designs that fit perfectly and make you feel confident, so focus on finding something you will love wearing.

Tips for Shopping for the Perfect Prom Dress

Even if you plan to buy your prom dress online, it is a good idea to spend a day browsing through boutiques and trying on prom dresses in several different styles in order to get an idea of what styles you like, what styles complement your figure, and what styles are easy to move in.

You may be dreaming of arriving at the prom as Cinderella only to discover you’ll actually be much happier as Tinker Bell! Don’t forget to try dancing, sitting, walking and leaning in the dress to make sure you’ll be comfortable in it all night.

Foundations Make the Look

From strapless bras to hoop skirts to slips, what you have underneath the dress is as important as the dress itself. Be sure you wear a supportive bra that works with the style of your dress. A one-piece bra and girdle can smooth out lines while adding needed support.

If you’re worried about the strap showing, you can tack it to the dress with a couple of stitches. If a one-piece option is too uncomfortable (think: bathroom breaks) then separate pieces can work just as well.

Dress for Your Shape

Prom Dress


Teens should look for dresses that minimize hips and thighs while accentuating the torso and bust. A-lines and ball gown style dresses are perfect for completing this classic look.


Teens should look for a dress with a fitted bodice. Mermaid styles, A-lines, and cocktail dresses all look great.



Teens may be frustrated by off-the-shoulder gowns and should avoid dresses with ruffles and adornments in the bodice. A simple, clean bodice with a higher neckline will look fabulous. Ball gown and A-line styles, as well as dresses with an empire waistline all look good.

Tummy Disguising Styles

If you are looking for a dress that will disguise tummy bulges, the empire waistline or A-line dress are perfect styles to complement your figure. If looks good on nearly any body type and complements the figure.

Choosing the Right Color

While the color of your dress is really a matter of personal choice, some colors look better with your skin than others. If you have very pale skin, try dresses in peach, cream, pink, or light blue.

Pastels will bring out your rosy cheeks. If you have olive skin, consider red or other jewel tones like purple or blue. Dark-skinned teens looking for the perfect prom dress color should try gold, tangerine, or even ivory.

One drawback to white or light colored dresses is how easily they will show stains, so if your date is taking you to dinner before you dance, consider the risk!

Remember, prom is about having fun and being safe. Don’t worry about the latest fads and just be you!

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