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A..B..C of CBD – Know Everything That You Must About Cannabinoids

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Marijuana was always linked to getting high, addiction, psychedelic, recreation and stuff which was usually a topic of debate. And still is sometimes. However, since 2013, the scenario was experiencing the spur of change as in this year Charlotte’s story was aired by CNN.

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The story of a girl going through severe seizures and whose parents had found Stanley brothers after giving a nod to every possible treatment suggested by the doctors.

Medical marijuana was something so non-acceptance by the government as well as the people that Stanley Brothers were not able to sell CBD even at the lowest prices.

It was not until when Charlotte’s improvement got noticed by the people that it received a tremendous consideration. However, we have noticed that yet there are people who are not completely aware of the CBD. So, here it is..

What is CBD? Does it get you high?
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CBD- cannabinoids are the components of cannabis, a substance found in Marijuana. There are almost 85 cannabinoids in cannabis, including two major constituents- CBD and THC.

Now, CBD is a non-psychoactive constituent contrary to THC, which does get you high. To make it seem plain, CBD is just one of the constituents of marijuana, which has no psychoactivity inducing properties.

Although cannabinoids is a general term that represents all cannabinoids of marijuana, you will often find cannabinoids just referring to CBD. So the next time someone argues that there is nothing like non-psychoactive CBD and phrases like  “if it’s marijuana, you get high”, you can explain the difference between CBD and THC easily.

Is CBD legal? Well, that depends on where you live…

CBD can be derived in two ways which highly decides its legality. CBD generated as a part of medicinal marijuana is likely to contain a certain small amount of THC makes it legal only in 28 states according to this source.

CBD is also extracted from industrially grown hemp plants which are made sure to be devoid of THC. In spite of being just CBD, there are 6 states which consider it illegal because at the end, CBD is linked to the name marijuana.

However, CBD derived from industrially grown hemp is legal in 44 states today. You can easily find CBD oil for sale in organic, local shops and on the websites too.

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Does CBD really help, or it just works on these virtual papers?

CBD is undoubtedly a healer which innumerable examples have proven till date. Various studies have been conducted to test the effects of cannabis components whether they actually show positive effects or negative.

60 peer reviewed studies on medical marijuana’s effects on different chronic diseases proved that 68% of the diseases were listed under pro, 14% were listed as non-conclusive, and 8.3% had shown some negative effects.

Here are some of the serious diseases listed which can be highly saturated using CBD hemp oils and other CBD infused products:

  • Cancer- A study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics clearly admitted that CBD has anti-tumor effects making this non-psychoactive component a potential treatment for cancer. They conducted this study on CBD’s effects on brain tumor and noted that after its medicinal usage, there was a significant drop in viability of glioma cells (tumor cells).
  • Multiple Sclerosis- The American Academy of Neurology acknowledged that medical marijuana can be a great alternative for the patients of multiple sclerosis. A 2012 study on MS showed that the group that inhaled cannabis had less spasticity when compared to the placebo group. Another study suggested improvement in tremors, pain, spasticity, and depression in almost 70% of the targeted subjects.
  • Insomnia- More than 10 million Americans are suffering from this sleep disorder. After failed results of pills prescribed by the most influential doctors, people have started trusting this marijuana component. This 2011 review noticed a positive change in their subjects which showed that 79% of them had easier time falling to sleep while 21% of the subjects noticed a significant decrease in dream occurrence and anxiety. CBD edibles are highly preferred among insomnia patients.

Is it safe to consume CBD for health enhancement?

If you find it irresistible to buy cannabis edibles after having a look at its extensively put benefits, go ahead, there is no harm in taking CBD just to keep yourself healthy.

CBD is not only found to be helping chronic diseases, it is also found to be boosting immunity, improving skin, handling stress, and other such regular health issues.

There are various mediums through which you can use CBD apart from consuming edibles. There are oils available for both, sublingual use and for vaping. Hemp teas, coffees, gummy bears, lollipops, etc. are some of the products off the edible rack.

Include CBD infused products in your regular regime if you are lucky enough to be completely healthy, and if you or your associates are suffering from diseases which are giving you a tough time, it is time to try CBD products after consulting your doctors.

Author Bio:

Jeff Tait is working as a CBD consultant at Green Roads World. Being a CBD enthusiast, he works closely with the hemp scientists working on CBD edibles and CBD Oils at the company for on-point understanding of the component.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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