Everyone wants to try out something new. Many food trends were tried in the year 2016. What is there to try in 2017? Is there something new to try out? Don’t worry! People are conscious about their health.

Just like many new fitness trends come out every single year, new food trends also come out every single year. You just need to search for the information, and it’s very easy to search as well because of the flow of information on the internet.

However, you should understand that not every food trend that revolves around social media is a good option to try. And here is another thing. The study shows that many American people believe that healthier foods cost more, which is also a false myth. According to the study, the healthiest diets cost only $1.5 more/day than the least healthy diets. So, don’t think that you cannot afford to try these healthy food trends.

8 healthy food trends to try in 2017

The preference of foods differs among people. However, you should try them out, because all of them are healthy.

Bean Pastas

Are you a big fan of beans? If yes, then here is good news for you. Pulses had a huge market in 2016, and beans will capture the market in 2017. Grain-free bean pasta is made up of only bean flours. They taste great, and they are also very rich in protein and fiber. You can expect plenty of bean pasta on the shelves in 2017. Expect to find items, such as chickpea fusilli, lentil elbows, edamame spaghetti, and more on the shelves.

Fermented foods

The trend of ‘fermented foods’ was observed in the year 2016. This trend is not expected to end in 2017. In fact, the trend is expected to get even more popular in 2017. Many people are talking about gut health nowadays, and it has come out as a popular topic of discussion.

With many people getting concerned about gut health, they are consuming more and more fermented foods every day. The foods like fermented veggies, sauerkraut, and kimchi are expected to gain more market this year.

You can expect to see more fermented items in menus and grocery stores this year. These foods are not only healthy, but they are extremely tasty as well. You can add this food in your plan to prepare the best diet plan for you.

Stem to Root cooking

People are getting more interested in preventing waste of foods. Because of this growing concern, the trend of incorporating the byproduct of fruits and vegetables is growing. Things, such as beet stems, whey leftover from yogurt, broccoli stalks, and other stuff are being incorporated.

Well, you may think that incorporating these things may make your food taste bad. However, it is not true. There are many ways to make your foods tasty by incorporating these things.

Veggie Chips

I’m not talking about veggie snacks that hardly contain any vegetables in them. I’m talking about veggie chips that are made up of pure veggies, a little bit of salt, and oil. There are many companies who are now offering veggie chips. You can find a variety of veggie chips made up of sweet potato, kale, and more. You can also make your veggie chips at your home. If you love vegetables, then you would love veggie chips. Give this dish a try.


The demand for seaweed is on the rise. It’s increasing because of various reasons. The consumption of seaweed can enhance digestive health, improve health, and more. It’s rich in nutrients, and it also contains less calories. You will find a variety of food products on the market this year.

There is also an option of purchasing packages seaweed snacks to enjoy it while watching your favorite movies. This food may also be included as one of the best brain foods.

Veggie burgers or Meat burgers?

How would a vegetarian guy feel if he consumes a vegetarian burger that tastes like meat? At first, that vegetarian guy will feel that he has consumed a meat item, and he would probably be offended. However, there is a vegetarian burger that has a similar taste as meat burgers. Beyond Burger will bring out these extraordinary burgers in the market this year. It is expected to be available in supermarkets nationwide.

Alternative sugar

There are people, especially diabetes patients, who are concerned about the amount of sugar they consume. The statistics show that around 29.1 million Americans are suffering from diabetes. Because of various reasons, people are looking for alternatives to white sugar.

Some of the alternatives to white sugar are date sugar, coconut sugar, and others. Each of the alternatives has its unique profile. We can expect the people to use more alternative sugar in the year 2017.

However, you should be aware of the fact that consumption of too much sugar of any kind is not good for your waistline, heart, or blood sugar.


Turmeric is especially found in Indian recipes. However, the popularity of turmeric is increasing in the United States as well. It is making a mark as a popular spice in the United States. There was a high demand of turmeric in 2016, and the demand is not expected to decline in 2017 as well. It won’t be a surprise if we see more people choosing turmeric-spice drinks or dinners.


If you’re conscious about your health, then you must try out some of the food trends mentioned in this article. The statistics show that Americans consume 31% more packaged foods in comparison to fresh foods. No wonder overweight and obesity is a huge problem in America. And at least 25% Americans consume some fast food every day. We can say that consumption habits of Americans need some modification.

The tastes of healthy foods are not bad. In fact, most of them taste quite good. Don’t hesitate to give some of it a try. And, you can also share these amazing food trends with your friends, or try them out with some of your friends.