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Tips to Follow When Buying CBD Medical Hemp Oil

Nowadays, the CBD medical oil industry is on fire. Some experts even said that it could become so profitable, that it will be as famous as the $13 billion National Football League.

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a compound which was found in the species of plants called Cannabis saliva L and which is known for its health benefits. CBD oil is known to reduce pain and inflammation, even seizures. It’s also known for its ability to bring balance to our bodies. In comparison with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short), CBD has no psychoactive properties at all.

About the extraction methods

These CBD oils are extracted from the cannabis plant, and there are many ways to extract it. Many companies just use methods (all cheap) to extract them, such as nasty toxic solvents (hexane, butane, propane, pentane, which are known as flammable hydrocarbon gases, which are found in petroleum).

We don’t think you need this, especially if you’re sick, because they can mess with your immune function and will impede healing. Many companies will try to convince you that if they’re using a hydrocarbon method, they will not damage the plant. But remember, butane is illegal. And also cheap and efficient, but extremely toxic.

Grain alcohol, or pharmaceutical-grade ethanol, can eliminate some toxins in the raw plant, as some experts say. But others are claiming that, even if this extraction is generally recognized as safe for people, it will destroy the waxes of the plant, which will lead to a less potent oil.

About Sourcing

You can say lots about the quality of the oil by knowing its source: where and how it was grown, and the species of cannabis – they’re all shown in the essence of the plant. As some people know, the cannabis plant is a “hyperaccumulator” – it absorbs contaminants from the soil in its growing process.

It’s actually used in cleaning the environment of toxic heavy metals and pollutants. So if the soil is contaminated with heavy metals, the plant is most likely to contain some high levels of mercury. Some kids almost died from these plants. You should always look for brands that source their cannabinoids from organic-certified, and farms where they grow and extract hemp oil from the pristine regions of Europe.

About Bioavailability

There are some products which claim to have CBD in their composure, but the lab results showed 0% of CBD in them. This is why, in 2015, some companies were fined because they did not include CBD in their products, even though they strongly argued regarding this matter.

If you have a product that has CBD, you need to know that the amount that actually enters your body is still not known. If we’re to talk about food, cannabinoids are known to degrade and actually reduce bioavailability.

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