CBD oil is known to have various health benefits. Even though the oil is produced from the seeds of Cannabis plant, rest assured it does not contain THC, an active psychoactive substance present in marijuana.

CBD oil also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, they are responsible for maintaining healthy cells, nerves, and brain function. The human body is not able to produce them, so these fatty acids have to be absorbed from the food.

When CBD oil is applied topically, the skin directly absorbs the oil. Skin, largest organ of the body, has Cannabinoid receptors, making CBD a promising therapy for a wide range of conditions such as skin cancer and dry skin. When CBD oil is applied to the trouble area, it works exactly where it is required, above all it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream.


As far as healthy skin and hair are concerned, simple nutrition is one of the most overlooked elements. Just like other body parts, skin also needs right vitamins and minerals to maintain apt functioning. CBD oil also contains essential nutrients including – vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, and minerals.

Both Vitamin C and E offer protection to the skin from the harmful sun rays. They also act as a shield from free radicals as they can damage elastin and collagen, both of them are responsible for keeping the skin tight and youthful.

B complex vitamins play a pivotal role in the construction of the skin. If you have low levels of B complex vitamins, you may suffer from dermatitis also known as eczema (inflammation of the skin).


According to a study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2010, the endocannabinoid system is important for the life of basal cells.

Healthy skin is mainly dependent on the body’s ability for the growth of new cells and removing the dead ones.

The manipulation of endocannabinoid system plays an important role in the regulation of the life cycle of the cells for providing more radiant and younger looking skin. As an antioxidant, CBD is far more effective than Vitamin A, C, E, and Omega 3.

If you really want to have younger looking skin, then it needs to have protection from free radicals such as smoke, UV rays, and varied environmental pollutants. Free radicals are responsible for giving the skin wrinkles and fine lines, antioxidants offer protection to our bodies from any type of damage by the free radicals.

A study from Neurobiology of Aging in 2012 suggested that mice deficient of CB-1 receptors showed premature skin aging and there was a loss of skin elasticity as well. This goes to show that endocannabinoids do play a major role in the maintenance of a healthy skin.


Acne is quite common amongst the adults and it can be quite frustrating. In addition to various natural causes, acne can be caused by changes in medication, stress, frequently changing skin care products, and hormonal changes, etc.

Acne is associated with the overproduction of sebum; it is an oil substance responsible for the protection of the skin. There are glands near hair follicles known as sebaceous glands responsible for producing fatty oils known as lipids.

These lipids are responsible for performing various functions, such as building a barrier on our skin so that the bacteria and viruses can be kept out, it also helps in the lubrication of the skin. Sebaceous glands and hair follicles contain endocannabinoid receptors, now this means that their functioning is influenced by the cannabinoids.

When it comes to eczema and acne, lipid production plays a pivotal role. In acne, oil is responsible for blocking the pores, leading to an inflamed mark on the skin.

Skin Conditions

While CBD oil displays its effectiveness in the beauty products, such as anti-aging and acne relief, the elements present in CBD oil helps in the treatment of severe skin conditions also.

Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) showed great improvements after being treated with CBD oil. Though the precise reasons for atopic dermatitis are not known, it is suspected that it causes due to an allergic response.

Just like eczema, researchers are also unsure of the precise causes of psoriasis. It is believed to be associated with the immune system, particularly with the white cells in the blood. Researchers have found cannabinoids for the treatment of psoriasis via regulation of the immune system and anti-inflammatory effects.

Lastly, cannabinoids have proved effective in controlling skin cancers such as melanoma. With its ability to control both the growth and death of the cell, CBD is an effective assistant to the skin cancer treatments.

Natural and Organic

CBD oil is psychoactive, so you don’t need to bother about getting sedated. The oil is also responsible for offering natural relief to both acne and breakouts. This may be compelling for all those people having allergies, sensitivities, or suffering from skin irritation.

It is important you have purchased CBD oil from a reputed CBD manufacturer or distributor, this will ensure you that you have purchased a genuine product containing organic plant extractions.

Heals the Wounds Quickly

CBD oil is in control of both the growth and death of the skin cells; therefore, it is helpful in the regeneration of the skin. Further, this also helps in the healing of the wounds. When you use CBD oil, you will notice that the skin lesions tend to heal quickly.

Make sure you avoid applying directly on the wound, especially when there is blood coming out of your wound. Instead, you should massage gently around the wound.

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