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Allergies at Home: How to stay safe?

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When we think about home we naturally feel a safe welcoming and comfy feeling taking over our senses. This is because, everyone thinks their home is the safest place on earth. Think again, your place might not just only be your home but of a number of disease carrying bacteria, pests, toxins, pollutants, allergens and what not. Not that we want you to run away from your home but it is quite the real picture.
During times of seasonal viruses or particular allergies people tend to stay at home so as to avoid catching them outdoors. Sometimes, the germs, allergens or other pollutants from which you’re trying to protect yourself can be present in your home in much larger quantities than outdoors. According to researches it has been proven that your home is 5 times more polluted with these allergens than the outside.

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During times of seasonal allergies or people with particular allergies people spending more time at home are likely to get more affected by the allergens inside. Through some techniques you can actually protect your home from serving as a habitat to these allergy triggers.


Within the comfort of your home there may be many allergens lurking around which themselves, might cause severe allergies, eventually leading to chronic illnesses. If we look at the causes, we will be surprised to know how we tend to avoid some of them as a part of our home.


Dust inside your home, may itself cause many allergies and also has a number of allergens. The most common allergies occurring from dust are that resulting from dust mites. Dust mites and their detached particles are so small to be seen by the naked and can be easily inhaled. While there is cleaning done, dust getting out from vacuum cleaners or dusters can easily transmit dust particles and mites into the air. Things at your home like carpets and upholstery which can store dust are where the problem lies.


  • Remove or regularly clean all the dust storing stuff. From pillows, beddings, curtains, upholstery, carpets to stuff toys and clothes; everything should be at least cleaned to its maximum when you have people in your home with dust allergies.
  • An alternative to carpets would be wood or linoleum flooring.
  • Keep the humidity levels high when you can and sweep your floor or other surfaces with something moist.
  • If you have people with allergies like asthma, then it is recommended you use HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaners to minimize the proximity of allergens within the air.
  • To improve air quality use air filters and purifiers, so that they keep purifying the air and make it allergen free to some extent.
  • To avoid the risk of dust mites, you should wash of your bed sheets with warm water.

Pet Dander

Pet Dander is the dead skin animals shed and is estimated to be an allergy prompter for almost 10Million people. If you have pet at home and people suffering from asthma and other allergies then their situation can get worse due to cat or dog dander.


  • When you choose bedding, make sure it is made up of allergy resistant fabrics.
  • Usage of air purifiers and filters can reduce the spread of dander to a great extent.
  • Wash your pets regularly.


We all know our air is composed of a number of tiny or not-so-tiny particles; pollen from trees being one of them. During spring, summer and autumn, trees release tiny dust like particles called pollen. Although they are meant to serve as the main fertilizing element for plants, but for many humans it is an acute allergy trigger. They are brought indoor by travelling through air, clothes and hair (both human and pet).


  • Shower regularly during seasons when pollen count is high.
  • During pollen season, it is recommended for you to stay indoors with proper ventilation.


Even after these nuisance-causing pests die, they are diffused into dust; thus, making their bodies a part of air. They are known to cause asthma and other allergies for many people.


  • Don’t let these pests be a part of your household in the first place. If your house is infested by cockroaches then seek help from professionals.
  • Keep your eatables, tightly sealed and covered so that these particles don’t become a part of your food.
  • Make your space unideal for species like these to survive by not leaving food out too long and regular cleaning.

These normal day-to-day indoor prevention tips can make your home almost allergen-free. In this way, your home will actually be the safe place you think of it to be, for you and your loved ones.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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