Lip Augmentation

Having plump, full lips is a clear sign of beauty, health and youth. If your lips are thin or they’re getting thinner because of the aging process, you should know that there are sensible ways of enhancing them. Most lip injections use synthetic or natural fillers that maintain the lips plumped for several months. Implants and similar surgical procedures offer a more permanent solution, not to mention that the skills of an excellent plastic surgeon will make your lips look all-natural.

Many women turn to Botox injections if they want to boost the volume and fullness of their lips; while the treatment does offer spectacular results, these only last for a few months. Also, in most cases the final outcome looks too artificial.
Lip Augmentation

Introducing the lip augmentation procedure

A lip augmentation procedure is a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery. There’s more than one method available, and women are at liberty to choose the procedure that best matches with their personalities. A surgeon may offer advice and recommend you a treatment depending on your available time frame for recovery and aesthetic goals.

  • Dermal graft – this form of cosmetic surgery is a permanent type of lip augmentation intervention. Basically, it implies pressing on the forward lip through incisions that are placed inside the mouth. Afterwards, a dermal-fat graft is taken from your skin’s deeper layer and placed under the mucosa to make the lips look full.
  • Vermillion advancement – the intervention entails making a small incision down the border of the lips, right where the colored portion begins. A strip of skin is then removed outside the border and pulled to enlarge the volume of the lips.
  • Lip implant – patients can opt for the synthetic or natural type of lip implant. The surgeon decides which of these options suits best to the patient; basically, lip implants are inserted through small incisions inside the mouth’s corners.
  • Lip lift – this type of surgical intervention is more suitable to aging women whose skin has already started to sag. The procedure involves removing the extra skin and afterwards lifting the lips. To boost the patient’s upper lift, the surgeon makes a small incision under the nose, thus shortening the skin and pulling the lip upwards. There’s another technique available for a lip lift cosmetic intervention – it involves shortening the upper lip to enlarge a person’s smile and expose more teeth.

Recovery and Aftercare

Experts agree that lip augmentation interventions are safe. For non-surgical procedures such as filler injections, the downtime is minimal. In the case of minimally-invasive procedures, a surgeon will inform the patient how much time is needed for the recovery. If there are no complications, patients should expect a full recovery of their lips in 7 to 10 days.

In pursuit of beauty

Today’s modern women would do anything to look and feel beautiful, even if that often means going under the knife. There’s nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, as long as you’re not searching for perfection. Certain people want to have attractive faces. Beautifully-shaped eyes, long eyelashes, equal eyebrows, prominent jaw line, and full lips are just some requirements that make a woman attractive.

But when Mother Nature is not that kind to your face, a few beauty tweaks performed by an experienced plastic surgeon can’t hurt. Some people want their mouths to reflect the way they feel; however, as soon as the aging process kicks in and the skin starts losing elasticity, you can’t control your face expressions anymore. Lip augmentation procedures have gone mainstream; both men and women have them to restore the balance of their faces.

The interventions render long-lasting results. As opposite to filler injections, a lip implant is permanent. Aside from enhancing the general appearance of the lips, a patient has several other side procedures he might like to consider. An IPL laser hair removal treatment for example, is an effective, painless way of getting rid of extra hair on the face. Even though women don’t have as much face hair as men, some still struggle to remove the hair above the lips and close to the ear.

Are you ready to have the brightest smile and the most luscious lips? Then you should certainly consider having them augmented to beautifully balance the rest of your face features.