Abusing Drugs

Teen drug abuse – a topic that’s not uncommon anymore. Teens and drug abuse lead to addiction. Addiction in teenagers may have greater risks of developing serious mental and physical issues.

There is a difference between addiction and drug abuse, as many teenagers can experience harmful substances, but not developing addiction. Drugs can create a long-term behavioral effect, since the teens brain is in it’s still early stages of development.

Nearly half of the US population drug users are people under the age of 18. Let’s see some common reasons why teens experience drugs and how they can treat addiction.

Reasons why teenagers abuse drugs:

  • Seeing other people consuming various substances.
  • Unhappy
  • Want to escape reality
  • Can’t tolerate to being alone
  • Rebellious personality
  • Lack of confidence
  • Inaccurate information about drugs
  • Curiosity
  • Emotion struggles
  • Stress

These are the most common reasons why young adults use drugs. The big majority experiment drug abuse before they turn 21. The good news is that there are many teen addiction treatment options available. But also, parents can be preventive in noticing their child’s behavior.

Some common signs of drug abuse include:

  • Laughing with no reason
  • Not taking care of themselves anymore
  • Avoid communicating with parents and friends
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Constant hunger
  • Bad smell on clothes or breath
  • Missing from school
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of interests in activities
  • Bad grades
  • Always acting secretive

It’s up to parents to learn how to initiate discussion with their child. The best way to communicate with a teen about their drug abuse is by being compassionate and understanding. Also, it might be beneficial to include the following programs:

Active learning

Experiencing therapies, such as music, art, sports, and other strategies can be a great way to convince your child to quit drugs.

Assume that your teenage child is rebellious, as this shouldn’t be a reason to consider him or her a “bad kid”. To understand why your child is experiencing drugs, try to put yourself in their feet and imagine what could have made them end up in this situation.

Then, organize small family reunions where you can enjoy your favorite games. Give your child the chance to find their purpose in life by reminding them how much they used to love sports and art.


We understand that the struggle is big, and there might be moments when you feel the world collapsing around you. You can’t blame yourself for what’s happening. Instead, give an expert a call at drug treatment centers Los Angeles, and seek help. Therapy is needed, so be open to give your kid the help needed.

Family and friend’s support

There are moments in life when adults are stressed, and forget about what surrounds them. If your child is abusing drugs or alcohol, maybe it’s time to leave behind other tasks, and give the right support.

Friends’ support is also essential, as this can positively impact recovery for your teen child. Family and friends therapy sessions can really encourage a teen to go to rehab and see life with a much more positive perspective.