10 Film Documentaries to Improve Your Health and Wellness on Netflix


The COVID-19 pandemic brought uncertainties to humanity, forcing many people to stay at home to control the virus’s spread.

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Consequently, the health and wellness campaign gained popularity across the mainstream, as everyone tries to maintain a healthy indoor lifestyle.

At the end of the day, no one wants to come out of quarantine in an obese state or worse mental state than at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Since public gyms and recreational centers remain closed, you can always rely on TV shows and documentaries to help you maintain a fit, healthy life.

For instance, Netflix is at the forefront to bring viewers documentaries that teach them a lot about their health. Most programs are child-friendly hence suitable for general family viewing.

However, most film documentaries are accessible with a US IP address.  Non-USA residents are geo-restricted from accessing such content. In other words, Netflix might block some seasons or content in specific geographic regions.

Nevertheless, arming yourself with a reliable Netflix VPN will help you survive the ordeal by unblocking such content.

Once you are able to stream, you can search these top 10 film documentaries to enhance your health and wellness:

The Mind Explained (2019)

The Mind, Explained, is one of the latest health documentary series released in 2019 that focuses on mental health by addressing how the brain works.

The documentary has five episodes that explain how the brain stores and retrieves information. This would be ideal for anyone who wants to understand dreaming and anxiety disorders. The plot is narrated by Emma Stone and is suitable for the general family audience. 

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Rotten (2017)

If you want films that intrigue you to think thoroughly before purchasing food products, Rotten makes the top list. The 2017 documentary explores what happens in between the chain of supply and demand for food and agricultural products in the USA.

It will teach you how to understand where your food comes from and the type of prevalent contaminants to avoid. This film is ideal for a general family audience.

Take Your Pills (2018)

Take Your Pills is a 2018 documentary film that highlights the daily life of some American adults and children who rely on pills to not only treat ADHD but also stimulate them to stay focused on work. The main pill highlighted is the Adderall and Ritalin.

This documentary will teach you the adverse effects of prolonging such medication. It is ideal for a general family audience.

A User’s Guide to Cheating Death (2017)

If you have troubling ethical concerns with the beauty and cosmetics industry, A User’s Guide to Cheating Death makes an excellent film to watch. Released in 2017, it highlights how gullible companies bank on people’s eagerness and desperation to look younger.

Timothy Allen demonstrates how some fad diets and procedures can be detrimental to your health. This documentary is ideal for an older audience who face similar challenges.

The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow (2020)

The Goop Lab is a 2020 documentary film that focuses on addressing general body wellness via methods that are often brushed off. For instance, you’ll learn how diving into cold water occasionally can help boost the immune system.

Watching the film gives Gwyneth Paltrow’s fans insights into her rat laboratory. The documentary is ideal for a mature audience since most episodes don’t have any scientific backing.

Ask The Doctor (2017)

Just like the title suggests, Ask The Doctor is a 2017 documentary film that explores medical superstitions and burning questions that doctors encounter in their daily life.

The documentary sheds some light on prevalent topics like allergies, mental health, and diet. This film is for general family viewing as it tackles pertinent issues that every household faces.

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The C Word (2016)

The C Word is an award-winning documentary released in 2016. The film addresses several factors that culminate in cancer, such as toxins, stress, and nutrition disparities.

The documentary draws inspiration from its producer, Meghan LaFrance O’Hara, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The C Word is ideal for an age-restricted audience.

Heal (2017)

The Heal documentary came out in 2017 and focuses on exploring the process of healing the mind or body after contracting or developing a fatal disease.

While the scientific and spiritual graphics might be out of the world’s imagination, the film will teach you how to manage stress and fear when healing, with unwavering faith. Heal is ideal for a youthful audience. 

Sustainable (2016)

Sustainable is a 2016 documentary film that addresses Americans’ need to eat rich natural farm products produced locally by a 7th generational farmer in Illinois.

When people change their consumption patterns and encourage local buying, the economy and life expectancy will grow. Sustainable is purely educational, hence ideal for the general family audience.

Icarus (2017)

Lastly, you might also be interested in Icarus, an award-winning documentary released in 2017. Director Bryan Fogel embarks on a wild chase to prove how “simple” it is to get away with doping in cycling competitions.

To perform optimally, he takes performance-enhancing drugs, which later land him in trouble when the Russian Olympic doping scandal blows out of proportion. This documentary is for general family viewing.

Besides live TV shows, Netflix has numerous documentaries that can help viewers improve their health and gain knowledge through watching.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.