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A Winter Health Check-up List You Should Never Ignore


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Winter sports, warm clothing, comfortable blankets, and a cup of coffee – what not to love about winters! But with these chilly winds also comes a fair share of illnesses. Even if you’re enjoying the colder weather, any of the slightest mistakes might ruin all the fun.


Don’t let this happen to yourself and any of your loved ones. All you should do is follow the winter health check-up list to stay away from diseases that especially blossom in this season.

Here’s how you can prevent health issues from interfering in your life.

Get Your Heart Health Checked

This might seem surprising but it’s true: there is a connection between colder temperature and cardiovascular diseases. In winters, the body works on preserving the blood to reach the vital organs, i.e. the brain and the lungs.

This means a lesser flow of blood reaches the heart, and hence, the heart beats faster for supplying oxygen to the body.

As the heart rate increases at a higher speed in winters, the rising blood pressure increases the risks of having a heart attack. However, you can prevent this situation by ensuring that your body is warm enough to regulate its temperature. That way, your heart doesn’t have to overwork.

Besides covering your head, hands, and feet with warm clothing, you should visit a cardiologist and get your heart health checked.

Talk To Your Doctor About Your Ear Health

Perhaps, all you knew about hearing loss is that its’ genetic or occurs due to aging. However, cold weather is equally to blame.

As the mercury drops, ear wax hardens and the rogue bones begin to grow in the ear canal. This increases the risk of hearing loss and tinnitus.

If you’re experiencing any of these situations, consulting an audiologist from NH Hearing Institute can help you figure out if you should go for a treatment. You can also inquire if you should use Sanford hearing aids.


Don’t Ignore Dry Eyes

dry eye

It’s not uncommon to forget sipping an appropriate amount of water on chilly days because you just feel that a cup of coffee is a more satisfying option. But that’s when you’re dehydrating your body; including your eyes.

Dry and itchy eyes are usually the result of drinking lesser amounts of fluids and having a higher exposure to dry air. If left untreated, the symptoms may lead to blurred vision, swelling, and irritation.

Besides increasing your water intake, you can act proactively by adopting a healthier diet that comprises of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help prevent dry-eye syndrome and macular degeneration in colder temperatures.

Don’t Take Respiratory Care For Granted

Didn’t fell ill the last time you headed outdoors and played your favorite winter sports? Though that’s a health achievement, you should know that there are still chances that your immune system can be attacked by any illness this season.

Influenza, pneumonia, and seasonal flu can wreak havoc on your respiratory health and may last for weeks. Therefore, it’s better to protect yourself beforehand.

Should you get vaccinated? Instead of predicting that you wouldn’t get sick this time around as well, a wiser option is to talk to your doctor about it so you can as get ready for the winter season.

The Takeaway

Though this list provides a thorough overview of some of the most common illnesses you might face in winters, you should take extra measures to prepare your immune system for fighting various diseases.

That’s why it’s wise to visit your health practitioner as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms. Getting a health check-up at the beginning of the winter season is a worthwhile option.

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