Sleep is believed to be essential as it helps to refuel and reenergize the body for the next day. It’s recommended that people should get at least seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night, allowing their bodies to fully rest. However, there are cases wherein individuals would have trouble sleeping which makes them feel tired and unenergized the following morning.

There are plenty of ways on how a person can fall asleep better at night. While switching to a better mattress is one thing, upgrading your pillow is another factor that you should consider. While some people find relaxation with using a down or memory pillow, using a buckwheat pillow can provide plenty of benefits for your sleep and body as well.

What Is A Buckwheat Pillow

A buckwheat pillow is another type of pillow, originally from Japan, and is getting more popular worldwide. Instead of foam or feathers as its fill, a buckwheat pillow uses buckwheat hulls to provide maximum comfort for each person.

Buckwheat hulls are the hard outer layer of buckwheat seeds. Even if they‘re firm and solid, they can provide a cozy feeling when you put plenty of those together inside a pillow cover.

How Can A Buckwheat Pillow Provide Better Sleep

Some people aren’t entirely on board with the idea of how a buckwheat pillow can provide better sleep, especially that the fills primarily use solid buckwheat hulls. But if you get to experience laying your head on a buckwheat pillow, you’ll understand what the hype is all about. You can even watch videos like the one below and others to be able to know how it can support your head as you sleep.


While it may take some time to adjust sleeping to a different kind of fill, it’ll allow your body to enjoy maximum comfort as much as possible. Moreover, listed below are the ways a buckwheat pillow can provide better sleep:

1. They’re Customizable

If you’re the type of person who’s always in the constant search for the best pillow height because no manufacturer seems to provide you with the best one yet, using a buckwheat pillow would be the solution for you. One of the most admirable beauties of using a buckwheat pillow is that you can easily customize its height, giving you a unique experience like never before.

Unlike standard pillows, you’ll need to settle about how high or low their pillow can be. It’ll be annoying if they provide a low pillow and you’d like to go for a higher, but adding two together might just be too high for your preference. With a buckwheat pillow, you can easily open the cover, remove some buckwheat hulls, and adjust its fill according to your needs.

A buckwheat pillow will help you eliminate any unnecessary pillow purchases, experimenting with which one would work best for you. Additionally, this pillow will grow with you, as you don’t need to purchase a new one just because you want to have a lower or higher pillow height. With this, you can ensure that you’ll be saving plenty of bucks in the long run.

2. Uses Natural Materials

Most pillows available in the market are said to use synthetic materials that may help trigger some allergy reaction, causing severe problems. Unlike with buckwheat pillow, you can ensure that everything’s natural, preventing any possible allergies at bay and keeping everyone safe as they sleep with these on. However, people who are allergic to buckwheat shouldn’t use this, as it can cause health concerns. But other than that, they’re completely all right to use.

Apart from reducing any allergy reactions, a buckwheat pillow also eliminates the possibility of the chemical toxin odor that you usually get from a synthetic pillow. A buckwheat pillow won’t be releasing any chemical toxins as they’re entirely natural and organic.

Furthermore, a buckwheat pillow is also a great eco-friendly option as it uses natural materials. You can ensure that they won’t cause any damage to the environment, even when you need to throw them out after years of use.

3. Releases A Natural Scent

Getting quality sleep is more achievable when a person can smell a relaxing scent as they lay their heads on their pillow. Luckily, a buckwheat pillow is said to have a naturally calming scent which allows people to sleep better at night.

While some people might fear that the smell of buckwheat pillow can be too overpowering, especially that there are plenty of fills to make up for the pillow. But with this kind of pillow, their scent is subtle that it won’t even be a bother at all.

If you’d like to get maximum comfortability, a lavender scented pillow can provide maximum comfort as you sleep at night. Lavender is a popular natural ingredient that can help a person fall asleep better at night. Instead of diffusing a lavender essential oil before sleeping at night, using a scented pillow will help you get quality rest.

4. Molds To Your Body’s Shape Perfectly

Since a buckwheat pillow uses hulls as its primary fill, you can expect them to move around evenly with a simple and quick toss and turn. Unlike using a memory foam pillow, you’ll have to settle with its shape and couldn’t do anything about how it’ll fit your head. For your down or synthetic pillows, all you can do is toss and fluff your pillow to achieve the shape you’d like. With a buckwheat pillow, the pillow will do everything for you.

As the buckwheat pillow uses hulls, they’re free to move inside their pillowcase, allowing for maximum adjustment whenever necessary. In this way, you can let the pillow adjust to your head rather than modifying its shape manually.

When sleeping with a buckwheat pillow, the hulls will adapt to the size of your head, neck, and shoulders all while helping to provide you maximum support. This may aid you to achieve proper spinal and body alignment as you sleep, eliminating any possible body pains when you wake up in the middle of the evening.

5. They’re Made Of Durable Materials

Some people find it hard to fall asleep at night, especially when they know that their pillow can break while they’re resting. With a buckwheat pillow, you can fall asleep worry-free as you’re confident that this type of pillow will last you for years.

A typical pillow would only have a lifespan of 18 months to 2 years, depending on its quality and materials. With a buckwheat pillow, you can skip on repurchasing new pillows often as they’ll last you for at least ten years with proper maintenance and care. It can help you to save plenty of money in the long run.

What’s great about the durability of the buckwheat pillow is that you can allow the pillow to grow with you. As years go by, you might change your opinions about how high or low you want your pillow to be. Even with any sudden change in pillow reference, you can choose to remove and add buckwheat hulls, allowing it to fit perfectly with how you like your pillow to be.

6. Perfect For All Kinds Of Sleepers

Whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, a buckwheat pillow is believed to be the best choice for you. Since this pillow is adjustable and molds easily, you can ensure that it’ll adjust well to your body as you sleep on it every night.

If you’re a stomach or sleeper, removing the hulls would be the best option for you as you’re not trying to lift your head intensely, allowing you to have proper posture as you sleep at night. If you’re a side sleeper, adding more hulls would be beneficial as you can let your spine have proper alignment with your head and the rest of your body.

Since a buckwheat pillow is perfect for all kinds of sleepers, it could even be ideal for those people who constantly change their sleeping position every night, allowing for maximum comfortability without the need to change their pillows.

7. Promotes Breathability

If you’re sleeping with a memory foam pillow for a while, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to sleep with a sweaty head especially during the intensely hot summer days. Since this type of pillow uses a solid foam, there’ll be no space in between to allow for breathability which allows for sleep even during hot nights.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you need to look for a pillow that promotes breathability for maximum comfort. While pillows with cooling beads could be helpful, using a buckwheat pillow is an all-natural option, permitting you to sleep with less or even no sweat at all.

A buckwheat pillow isn’t one solid material as it contains loose buckwheat hulls that can move freely inside its case. With that, you can ensure that it can promote temperature control and breathability for it doesn’t trap heat inside. It rather allows air to flow in and out of the pillow. This would be the perfect option if you usually wake up with a soaked pillow full of unhygienic dirt and body sweat.

8. May Help Eliminate Migraines And Headaches

Some people wake up with intense headaches and migraines even if they get full nights of sleep each time. While the reason behind their predicament may baffle them, how your pillow shapes your head can contribute to your poor sleeping habit.

If your head isn’t in the right sleeping position as it doesn’t align well with your body and spine, you can expect neck aches to come your way. Along with this, poor sleeping posture can also lead to headaches, making you feel very uncomfortable. While you might try to sleep it off to relieve any pain. But if you continue to sleep in an awkward position, you might not be able to recover at all.

With a buckwheat pillow, you can ensure that your body would have a proper spinal alignment with your head. This may help eliminate any migraines and headaches that you only have once you get up in the morning without seeking remedies.

What To Expect With Buckwheat Pillows

Before you purchase a buckwheat pillow right away, you should first need to know what to expect when you have them in your home. In this way, you exactly know what to expect and not be too surprised if it provides a feature you may not be completely comfortable with. With this, you can confirm if a buckwheat pillow is truly the right one for you and if it’s worth a try.

  • They’re A Bit Heavier

Unlike your traditional pillows, a buckwheat pillow is a bit heavier since they use an all-natural material without any fillers. Apart from the buckwheat hulls, their case might be weighty, too, especially that they’ll be using thicker materials to provide maximum comfort since the hulls are quite firm and solid.

If you’re planning to use a buckwheat pillow for travel or to bring around from one room to another, it may not be the best choice unless you’re willing to carry a weighty pillow with you. But if you’re just going to use it inside your bedroom, the added weight shouldn’t be too much of a bother for you.

  • May Produce Noise

If you’re a light sleeper who wakes up with the slightest and smallest sound, a buckwheat pillow might be an annoying option for you. Since a buckwheat pillow uses hulls as its fill, you can faintly hear the materials moving around inside the case. This may disrupt your peaceful sleep. It can be uncomfortable if you constantly change your sleeping position at night as moving the pillow produces sounds.

However, if you’re a person who rarely moves as you sleep, going for a buckwheat pillow shouldn’t hurt as it’ll stop producing sounds once you settled your body in your ideal sleeping position. In this way, you can allow yourself to have a good night’s sleep without worrying about any further sounds


Buckwheat pillows are believed to be starting to build their name in the sleeping products industry. While they’re generally not cheaper than other pillow types, they can help provide better sleep quality for anyone who uses it. In this way, you can save plenty of money, without having to compromise your sleep quality. Moreover, this kind of pillow will last you for years, making it an excellent purchase for your home.