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How to Take Care of Your Skin During Summer?

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Summer can go really harsh sometimes and with global warming as a concern we are yet to see the nightmare of this summer season. Winter comes as a relief to many and although it becomes chilly sometimes, but not that difficult to manage. Winter is a special season when it winds its magic stick all around.

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Your body appears toned; your skin glows at its best and lastly your body doesn’t appear dehydrated. Whereas in summer the magic seems to have turned into a curse, suddenly your skin starts appearing dull, dry and oily.

Research reveals you get 80-90% of your skin wrinkles in summer only because the UV rays penetrate deep into the layer of skin that damages the collagen which is mostly responsible for maintaining the firmness structure of skin. Skin ailments not only limits to wrinkles but also skin tan, skin burn, pimples etc.

Well there are certain ways one can prevent all this from happening if one stays indoor but since that is not possible so here are some smart ways to prevent your skin sun and heat.

1. Moisturise- Skin tends to dry very often with the hot air in the atmosphere and skin needs to get moisturised lest it will start getting dry and forms cracks, which further leads to irritation, pimples etc. you can use a good SPF15 sunscreen moisture before going out in the sun. Just apply the sunscreen lotion 15 minutes before going out.

Sunscreen forms a layer that acts as an insulator that prevents water from drying up off the skin and protects UV rays to penetrate. No doubt the sunscreen lotion acts as good protection against the sun rays but overuse of it can lead to malignant diseases. So what you can opt as an alternative is, homemade moisturisers. Rose water, water-melon juice and papaya juice acts as good and natural moisturiser to skin

2. After you are back from the struggle of scorching heat and hot winds, you should cleanse your face properly and later wash it with a good toner. Summer is a dry weather and accumulation of dust in the air is common and dust easily sticks to your skin through sweat and causes unwanted pimples.

So cleansing of dust is very necessary. You can buy a good cleanser and a good toner or if you want to go naturally then take 4tbsp of yogurt, 2tbsp of honey and 3tbsp of lime juice. Mix the ingredients well and apply it to skin for a while and clean it with cold water.

3. Scrub your face in every 3-4 days, Dry and dead skin accumulate very rapidly in summer and are cause for dryness and acne up to some extension, so keep your face clean from dead skins. You can do it naturally with oatmeal and baking soda exfoliating scrub or buy a good scrub from shop.

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