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Essential Oils meet the Five Elements

Our planet comprises of five elements – Wind, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether. These are known as the five classical elements as coined down by the Greek philosopher, Plato. These five elements have their individual characteristics.


Every individual on this planet possess some of the characteristics of one of the five elements depending on their zodiac sign. Example, a person born under the zodiac Leo, possesses the traits of the element Fire; whereas a person born under the zodiac Libra possesses the personality of Air and so on.

Current research and studies conducted have shown that these days apart from human beings, essential oils are also being related to the classical elements. Classical element therapy is a nouveau form of therapy has come into existence.

This therapy will use the essential oils as a base for various purposes. These oils will soon evolve into a bare essential part of the human beings’ lives. Five such essential oils have been taken into consideration depending upon the classical element attribute they possess.

Jasmine oil

This engaging smelling oil has resemblance to the element ether. Extremely expensive, this oil acts as a healing instrument. Famous for its relaxation properties, this oil helps in the enhancement of libido.

Patchouli Oil

Best associated with the hippies, this oil has resemblance to the element earth. It acts as a cure for a variety of skin ailments and helps in skin regeneration. Patchouli oil also enhances body cell regeneration and reduction in body fat level. Most importantly this oil acts as an anecdote for snake venom.

Chamomile Oil

The calming attributes of this oil has resemblance to the classical element water. Used as a calming agent for nerves and relaxation, this oil acts as an anti-depressant. Chamomile oil can also be used as a tranquilizer and often mixed with tea to gain satisfaction.

Ylang Ylang Oil

People associate this oil for its strong smell and have resemblance to the element fire. The perfume of this oil has stark resemblance to the rich smell of custard and pine and flowers like neroli, jasmine and others. Ylang Ylang oil helps reducing blood pressure, headaches and nausea in the human body and stimulates growth of hair.

Lavender Oil

The most important of all the essential oil series, Lavender oil resembles the element wind. This oil is famous for curing diseases caused by air like cough and cold, asthma, flu, bronchitis spasm and migraine. It has properties of a sedative and is often used for the reduction of intense pain. It is also used in perfumes and deodorants.

To sum up, essential oils are very much in vogue and especially when being related to the classical elements as stated by Plato. Apart from classical elements, people are now venturing out to buy a unique concoction of essential oils in tandem with their Zodiac Signs.


This kind of experimentation has led to these oils transforming into a bare essential need due to awareness programs being launched by fashion and lifestyle magazines.

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