There are so many new ways to ingest CBD; they even make CBD dabs for sale now. But, Finding a quality product is much more important than actually consuming it. If you put terrible CBD in your body, the results aren’t going to be what you want.

Finding a good product is vital. Below is a list of eight tips to find the best-quality CBD for you.

How the Oil was Extracted

CBD is extracted from cannabis plants by applying pressure to the plant. This pressure will allow the trichomes to open up, which excretes the CBD oil.

You want to make sure that the CBD oil you are buying uses Co2 to excrete the oil. Anything else could compromise the integrity of the product.

All natural

It is essential to keep things natural. If not, you could mess with the benefits you get from your CBD oil. But, also make sure if you are buying flavored products that they are naturally flavored as well.

Customer Support

The use of marijuana is very new to the health industry, and most CBD companies are aware of that. A great way to check out a company’s product is to check out the company. If a company is genuinely interested in your experience, they will have excellent customer support, and they will answer most questions you have.


There are two different kinds of CBD, isolated CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. Isolated CBD is as it sounds, containing only one cannabinoid.

One cannabinoid tends to result in low-quality CBD because cannabinoids work better together. Broad-spectrum CBD is where you will find multiple cannabinoids working in unison.


Glass, dark containers, is what your CBD needs to be packaged in. This way, it doesn’t lose any of its health benefits. Once it is processed, CBD starts to lose its properties right away. Putting the products in dark glass bottles can help prevent this.

Money-back Guarantee

If your company truly stands by its product and believes it will help you and your health, they will offer a money-back guarantee. It isn’t vital while looking for high-quality CBD, but it is an excellent way to know if the company you are looking at is just in it for the money.

Third-party Testing

The FDA makes sure the products we consume are quality, but when it comes to CBD, there aren’t many guidelines because the use of cannabis is so new.

The lack of FDA guidelines is why open third party testing from a CBD company is critical. If a company supports its product fully, they will openly provide third party testing results.

Quality of plant

The quality of your plant is going to have an impact on your product. Making sure it was appropriately grown without pesticides and in a safe environment will allow for a much smoother transition and final product.

Overall, do some research before you buy a product. CBD isn’t something you can pick up off a shelf, even though they are located there. Study your product and company, and it will allow for a much better overall experience.

You won’t regret looking for a quality product.