Bad Breath

Your mouth can decide what situation your heart is in. As a public speaker myself; most worst enemy of every speaker is oral problems.

A motivational speaker can’t just stay fixed on a pulpit waving hands at his audience, many a time he needs to move closer to his audience to inspire them with his powerful speech.

But when a motivator lost his confidence like everyone else does to oral infections, it’s time to get rid of mouth odor fast. People suffering from terrible mouth odor end up covering it up with mints and gums, thinking they have got all that is needed as treatment for bad breath.

Truth is, spraying your mouth with fragrance, chewing gum, licking sweets and mints will only cover up this oral discomfort for about an hour, and afterward the unpleasant smell takes its not so rightful place in your mouth, to prevent this, all you need are bad breath cures that work. See below.

What causes bad breath?

No one lives forever, and smiling is only possible when you have your teeth. That well said, does that mean you are only going to spend half your life smiling and another half frowning?

You can always keep your teeth and keep them better than they were yesterday. But what are those factors capable of stealing mouth confidence from you?

Smocking: cigarette, hemp, and tobaccos can easily cause lungs darkness, preventing proper blood circulation which plays a big role in harming your mouth.

Smokers are not only liable to die young but are prone to a disgraceful youth age due to lack of self-esteem arising from oral problems.

Food: so obvious it is that you are what you eat. When food particles continue to cover the teeth or get into your gum, those food particles attract bacterial that releases bad smell in your mouth during bacterial feeding process.

Dentists also informed us that eating of foods like spices, onion, and garlic that gets into our bloodstream which can cause lungs blockage, and once lungs are blocked, poor respiration, which results to mouth odor, is set to happen.

Saliva: saliva is mouth’s natural moisturizer, without it, your mouth gets dry, and mouth dryness opens the door for germs. Conditions like xerostamia (dry mouth) and chronic dry mouth resulting from salivary gland problem also are things that causes bad breath.

Mouth hygiene: Your future lies in your palms, yes. Instead of looking for how to cure bad breath permanently, you can start by maintaining a good mouth hygiene. Extremely hard brushes, poor toothpaste, and irregular brushing also give you bad breath trouble.

Sickness: chroninic flux, cancer, inflammation, and ulcer may corrupt an odour-free mouth. Mouth ulcer especially represents a major bad breath cause. Almost every sickness comes with bacterial and some other microorganisms that carry out some activities in the body which can cause halitosis.

Medications: almost every drugs come with side effects. With oral odor being one of those effects. Apart from the fact that drugs are broken down in our body, and in that process release smell of chemicals in our mouth, some people make matter worse by chewing drugs before taking with water. This is another factor of oral problems.

7 effective home remedies for bad breath

Bad Breath

Tired of visiting your dentist frequently for bad breath diagnosis and remedies? If you read carefully this list of working home remedies for bad breath, you will be free from wasting your time receiving boring lecture on bad breath, diagnosis and problems anymore. Read on and find out.

Cinnamon chewing stick: Cinnamon has some antimicrobial action, making it handy when it cones to oral treatments. These action knocks out bacteria causing itchiness and gum problem within a short duration after using it.

Cinnamon also allow for proper respiration and digestion. Once respiration is under good control, there will be easy flow of air in both our nostril and mouth, thereby preventing odor of the mouth. With a good digestion of food, ulcer is escaped.

Aloe Vera: just like chlorhexidine mouthwash, Aloe Vera works good on removing stains binding under the enamel, and also kill germs inside of our gum.

Aloe Vera has 100% capability of removing plaque from teeth, since plaque contribute largely to teeth and tongue infections.

To use Aloe Vera, slice it and remove the Aloe Vera gel inside, then boil with water and allow cooling, to form your own homemade bad breath paste.

Never run out of air: the way you lay your bed determine what kind of rest you get. Sane applies to getting free from bad breathe.

Luckily, experts have just found out that the way we breath also have impact on our longs. Breathing through your mouth during fatigue period, time of fear, and the like, keeps our mouth dry by reducing saliva production.

Also, for those who snore or breath through their nose while sleeping, a strip should be used to cover the mouth, this will allow the nostrils to do the breathing.

Natural oil: oil is a natural ingredient found in a wide varieties of plants. Oil contain natural chemicals and nutrient enough to bring back your mouth confidence so you can talk as much as you want without the fear of being given a poor look that leads to shyness and feeling of embarrassment.

As an option for toothpaste, peppermint oil has ingredients that can eradicate bad breath. Eucalyptus oil reduces mucus production, clove oil is essential for good digestion, lemongrass oil can be used internally and externally.

Regular exercises: a more disturbing factor of dental problem is the lack of good blood circulation. Our longs begin to smell if blood doesn’t receive an adequate circulation. To prevent or stop this, dentists advised victims to engage in regular workouts to keep their blood flowing normally, as needed by their body system.

Good hygiene: cultivating a good dental hygiene is the easiest way to get rid of oral problems. Brushing morning and night with soft brush and herbal toothpaste instead of covering up the unpleasant situation with mint is a wise move anyone can take.

Green Tea: Green tea is nature’s most powerful antioxidant. Rinsing with green tea kills odor causing bacteria. It is also advisable to drink green tea to start the job from the inside.