Loose Skin

Fixing up the time you don’t have for gym visitation and making sure never to go on single day without a visitation to your not so favorite gym is not all it takes to journey smoothly towards loosing weight, other sacrifices you make include; quitting your favorite Instagram food groups to stop yourself from being drawn back into every MC Donald’s latest yummies, forcing yourself into the lacto-ovo vegetarianism diet, and many more.

Nonetheless ones joy knows no boundry to find an old trouser two times bigger, shirts that once were tight fitting saggy, and underwears turn oversized. Those are truly a weight loser’s dream, moreover why the dedication, pains due to exercises, money spent and the rest? Why give everything to have nothing?

But when its not only your clothes that turn saggy but also your skin too, it’s time you learn how to tighten loose skin after weight loss. Before showing you how to do that, allow me to bring to your awareness, why you have loose skin after weight loss.

Why you have loose skin after weight loss

Loose Skin

According to Ryan Neinstein, the Managing Director of Neinstein plastic surgery; a certain protein (collagen protein) is responsible solely for skin expansion. The expansion aim at filling the empty space left behind in your body by weight loss or burnt fat. Unfortunately the skin lack enough capability to shrink nor return to its normal size, leading to saggy belly, folds, and hanging skin parts.

Further research found the inability of our skin to return to its normal shape and size after weight loss to be a result of some genetic factors, smoking, and exposure to excessive heat from sunlight. Meanwhile the rate of sagging varies from a person to another owing to amount of weigh lost and time spent with weight before loosing it.

A person who lost 60 pounds of weight will have a more hanging skin than someone who lost 20 pounds, also a person who spent 2 years before loosing his/her extra kilos is liable to have a more loose skin than someone who death with too much of weight for some few months.

Effect of loose skin after weight loss

We are all dreamers, but those who bring their dreams into reality are achievers. Almost everybody want those extra kilos burnt at all cost; flipping tire at the gym, going on diet, going for surgeries, pills, and others are proofs to that.

But when those sagging breasts and excessive abdominal cast their shadow of darkness on a achievement, regret rolls in. Many prefer pushing the extra kilos about than dragging a pack of loose skin with them.

Why? It is so because the effect of a loose skin goes beyond embarrassment. Apart from feeling embarrassed, physical discomfort, skin irritation, poor body image, owing to hanging skin, an individual’s health is subjected to different kinds of diseases like; acne, cancer, and some other chronical inflammatory diseases.

Why then allow that to happen when I can show you how to tighten loose skin? Find out below.

How to tighten loose skin after weight loss

Now let me walk you through tightening your loose skin.

Get back to the gym: I know your heart is beating fast now at the mention of the gym because you don’t want to get back on the treadmill. The fight against evil is forever; said a renowned philosopher. After sweating out all the fat, you have thrown away your gym membership card, time to relax, right? No, you are not done but close, and if you don’t finish what you started, you may end up finding yourself back where you were.

Do you know exercising after weight loss will cut away those flapping skin parts? This is the right time to get back to yoga classes, time to work harder on those aerobics and muscle building poses. Working on muscles get them puffed enough to fill those empty spaces, furthermore it endow the skin with capability of elasticity, so it contracts to get tighter and firmer. As you do this, have in mind your diet, keep away the fat till those sagging belly get back in shape.

Be hydrated always: Water is world most essential and powerful substance. Do you know? water can not only help you loose weight but also work on getting you a firm, tight, glowing and elastic skin. Research confirmed that 15 cups of water daily is enough to save you all the embarrassment of a saggy belly. Water moisturizes flesh, and treat the internal body system. So make sure to always meet up with the 15 cups a day or at least 8 daily to get back your lost shape.

Collagen Hydrolysate: collagen hydrolysate is a form of protein, mostly found in animals connecting tissues. The hydrolyzed collagen, apart from strengthening the flesh, works against other skin diseases. It can be gotten from any available food store. It is usually in a powder form for easy reaction and application.

Firming creams: Since last decade, the beauty care industry have been receiving new skin frirming creams, this creates a wide list of creams easily applicable to give strength and firmness to drooping body.

Firming creams contain some elastic molecules including collagen which can be easily absorbed by the skinpore if applied in due proportion, time, and method. Too much of any firming cream may become inabsorbable for the skin, this can furtherly lead to acne scab because of skinpore blockage.

Two important nutrients: the food we eat have different kind of chemicals, many of which are beneficial. A discovery had just been made that vitamin c is capable of making skin get thicker. A loose skin is a soft skin, by adding enough vitamin c which is not far fetched to your meal, your shape is back in a few time. Protein also contracts the skin, so protein and vitamin c makes a perfect combination for a firm skin.