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6 Things to Do to Recover from Stress

There are times in life where stress is unavoidable. While dealing with stress might seem normal, there are plenty of negative side effects that some with the sensation, both mental and physical.

The sooner you recover from any stressful situation, the better. There are plenty of proven methods to help, each of which could end up being the perfect solution for your situation.

Meditation through Yoga

Meditation is an important part of yoga and those that meditate regularly understand why. There are a few scientific reasons to support yoga helping with stress.

First, meditation is proven to help you handle, avoid and recover from stress. Yoga offers plenty of time for meditation, so this should help quickly.

Second, yoga is a physical activity. As you work out your body releases endorphins, chemicals that can make you happier. Basically, yoga is going to fight that stress on two fronts!

Take Up a New Hobby

This might seem strange to some but picking up a new hobby will help you recover from a stressful situation.

One common source of stress is the lack of time or perceived lack of time, so adding activities seems counterintuitive. However, learning a new skill, like attending makeup courses or  learning a new language will give your mind something else to focus on. If you end up with a hobby you genuinely enjoy, it can become a permanent escape for whenever feelings of stress come back.

Hobbies keep you busy, engage your mind and possibly even make you move your body. Some hobbies can also lead to helpful new skills, and it’s never a bad time to learn a new skill.

Change Your Diet

You might not realize it, but the foods you’re eating could be a result of the stress you’re feeling – or worse, they could be a leading cause of your stress.

There are plenty of studies that show the ties between stress and diet, and they all say just about the same thing: you should be eating healthier.

Healthy eaters get all the nutrients they need, and that gives them more energy. Unhealthy dietary habits, on the other hand, can lead to less energy and can perpetuate any sort of long-term stress.

If you’re recovering from stress, try substituting some unhealthier foods for healthier options. No need to completely change your diet and go vegan – any little change should help!

Spend More Time Outside

Most people live in urban areas, and that usually means spending most of your day in a concrete jungle. But if you want to bring your stress levels down, you should probably spend more time in a real jungle.

Whenever you go outside and spend time on some form of activity – such as running, swimming or hiking – you’re forced to pull yourself away from your computer and your phone…and yes, your computer and phone are going to be big reasons for your stress.

If you’re unable to take escapes to areas with more nature than city, frequent walks outside aren’t a bad substitute. You’d be surprised what a little movement and natural light can do for your mood!

Wind Down with THC or CBD

Whatever your opinions are on medicinal marijuana, there’s no avoiding the truth it can help with stress. For those that are worried about the potentially psychoactive side-effects that come along with THC found in medical marijuana, there’s always CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive component that is found in certain strains of medical marijuana.

CBD has become a popular option for those that want the medicinal benefits of marijuana but don’t want the side-effects. If your stress is taking over too much of your life, consider trying some medicinal marijuana – THC or CBD is bound to help.

Set Time Aside to Relax

Honestly, a lot of stress comes from the busy nature of modern society. There is a lot more mental stimulation today than there used to be; just look at all the ads, phones, screens, and information that you run into on a daily basis. Relaxation can take plenty of forms. For some, relaxing means sitting down, watching your favorite show and having a cup of tea.

For others, relaxation is sitting outside in the peace and quiet. No matter what your ideal form of relaxation is, you should set some time aside once a day to wind down. This will help your de-stress, and it should help stave off any potential stress that’s down the road.

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