Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see a reflection of your face. Yes, and then you will probably notice a tiny pimple. That pimple on the face is what is known as zits. It is a tiny inflammation on the skin surface filled with pus.

Apparently, no one likes to look at the mirror and see a pimple on their pretty face. Where did the pimple come from? What can you do about it to get rid of zits overnight? Well, here are the answers to these two questions.

Causes of zits

Zits are caused through hormonal activities within the body. It is through body hormonal and biological activities that the outer skin layer has to be shed often. This process is facilitated by the sebaceous glands that produce seburn.

At times, the dead skin that is supposed to be shed off gets stuck with the seburn. This leads to a blockage of the skin pores. Another problem that aggravates zits are the bacteria contained in the seburn.

According to dermatologist, the bacteria feeds on the seburn and excretes substance that results in skin inflammation thereby causing zits. All this process can occur within a short while especially during the night.

Stress is the other factor that contributes to zits. Stressful situations lead to hormonal imbalance within the body. This imbalance leads to excess production of harmful bacteria in the body. These harmful bacteria can be excreted through the skin. Once the bacteria comes in contact with seburn, there is a reaction and a blockage occurs within the skin surface.

1. Drinking lots of water

Drinking a lot of water during the day can remove zits overnight. Perhaps you are wondering how haw water and zits are related; well, a person who drinks at least 8 glasses of water per day is highly hydrated compared to someone who drinks less. In this case, a hydrated skin sheds off dead skin with ease than dehydrated skin hence no blockage in the skin layer.

2. Use of probiotics and prebiotics

Another method for how to get rid of Zits Overnight is including probiotics and prebiotics in your diet. A probiotic such as Lactobacillus  Acidophilus is a bacteria that helps to diffuse any toxic bacteria that emanates from digestion.

Prebiotics are food stuffs that help in the digestive system. These include bananas and honey. Therefore, once you have finished taking antibiotics, consider taking bananas and Lactobacillus  Acidophilus thus you will not be at risk of having zits.

3. Avoid stress and exercise regularly

Stress is a major contributor of zits. Incidentally, stressful situations and occurrences trigger the body system to release the cortisol hormone. Exercising relieves stress hence lowering the effects of zits. Additionally, a full body workout can cause you a lot of fatigue hence leads to a comfortable sleep. Therefore, instead of being stressed out because you have zits, go out and exercise then sleep.

4. Avoid excess sugar and refined carbohydrates

What you eat has an impact on the body metabolism. In order to avoid zits overnight, avoid excessive indulgence of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Foods such as pasta, white bread and sugar trigger the body to produce a lot of seburn. The seburn then interacts with bacteria and causes blockage hence zits occurs.

5. Sunshine

Finally, go out and enjoy some sunshine and say goodbye to zits. Sunshine and fresh air are ideal for skin formation. Vitamin D; which is obtained directly from the sun helps in skin formation. In this case, a healthy skin has not zits and staying outside relieves boredom and stress.