Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the only type of cancer that is commonly found in men. However, this is the second deadliest cancer in men after lung cancer. Therefore, if you are a man, you must stay aware of ways t prevent occurrence of this menace.

Preventing this disease may however ask you to quit intake of some foods and beverages like beer, fried food and red meat. However, here are some fun ways to prevent prostate cancer.

Eat Marinara Sauce

Tomato is the main ingredient in the marinara sauce. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is a compound that has been proved for its effect on cancer prevention. Cooked tomatoes are more effective as the lycopene is turned into easily digestible and absorbable form.

It acts as an antioxidant and forms an important ingredient for most of the anti-prostate cancer foods. Marinara sauce is just an easy and fun way to have these cancer preventive foods and that too in a fun way. You can easily get the recipe for marinara sauce over the internet.

Choose the one that tantalizes your taste buds. Even f you are not a kitchen person, you can easily cook and have it as dips for homemade pizzas or can be served with pasta. You can add garlic to it to increase the protection.


Hey, Wait! Let it get into your head properly before you rush to your washroom. It has been proved in researches that masturbating can prevent occurrence of prostate cancer. Now, this does not mean that you start doing it more just to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

The benefit is however not restricted to masturbation but can be had through sex. The benefit lies in ejaculation that you have by masturbation or real sex. How does it work? Yes! This was an obvious and expected question. Ejaculation cleans off carcinogens from your prostate. In simple words, it cleans your pipes from anything toxic that must have stored. What should be the frequency?

If you have this query, here is the answer. As per the Journal of the American Medical Association, you should masturbate about twelve times a month. This means that you can masturbate or have sex every alternate day.

Dragon Boat Racing

It is a well-known fact that cardiovascular exercises are better ways to prevent many health problems. Exercising increases our energy level, improves circulation and enhances our immune system. However, we lack time to go for gym or specific exercising sessions.

Here is a trick. Get involved in fun activities like giant boat races called dragon boats. Check if such boating facilities are available in your area. Find one and join the group of people participating. If you cannot go in water, you can choose alternate aerobic activities like mountain biking, spinning, jogging and dancing.

Have a Bowl of Cereals

Frosted flakes would seem delicious to many of you but that is not a healthy food to have in your breakfast. Replace it with some cereals that are rich in flax. If you used soy oil until now, substitute it with cow’s milk.

Both the cereals and cow’s milk are rich in active ingredients that help in prostate cancer prevention. You can either opt for a cereal rich in flax or add some flax seeds to the cereals that you have. This breakfast can help you to avoid cancer.