If you hear the word exercise, your brain is automatic bring back the memory of tiredness and how boring it is. You want to drop or lose some weight. Exercise is something that you need after you did take a good care of your diet. Without a good exercise, your weight loss target will never be achieved.

One issue that we always heard about exercise is time. A person who is working from 8 to 5, 6 days a week will never able to find the quality time to exercise. It is also the same to the one who are married with several kids. All of their time is dedicated to their work and their family. The times that have left for them is only for sleeping and resting. This is how challenging when a person looking forward to exercise.

Exercise Alternative

Exercise scientist suggesting the 8 exercises that important to shape your body to the maximum. It is very effective but is it so time consuming and you need an extra private time. Private time is very impossible to find for a busy person and the parents. If you are in this category, it is not easy for you to do even one set of exercise that include push up, squat, crunch, curl, lunge, row and reverse-dip as the exercise scientist suggested.

Thankfully there are some other activities that also you can consider as your alternative for exercise. You need to burn those calories by elevating your metabolism before your body converts it into fat.

1) Window Shopping:

Use your time wisely such as doing 2 tasks at once. Walking is one of the exercises that improve your metabolism. If you are planning to go shopping with the baby, do not forget to bring the pram along so your baby can have his nap while you are walking around the shopping mall. Walking in the mall about 2 hours is burning a lot of calories in your body. You are not only did your grocery shopping, but you are finding the time to walk and burn the calories.

2) Kids Play Time:

Kids love to play and this is your chance to spend your time with them and burning your calories at the same time. You can choose to play bicycle, basket ball or play catch with your kids. The longer you play along the better for both of you. This is also a routine where you can stay active and it is equal with exercising. Most of the parents said that playing with kids will be tiring them out because their kids are like all over the place.

They need to make sure that their kids are playing as directed but what always happen is the kid will always at the opposite directions. It is a double effort that the parents have to do to make sure that they are having fun and safe at the same time. It turns out as a perfect workout for them to lose weight too.

3) Swimming lesson:

Swimming is a very good exercise because all part of your body is moving. In just one hour of swimming you will lose a lot of calories. Sign up for swimming classes with your kids because it is essential for the kids to know how to swim too. Take this chance to lose weight, spend time with them and to make sure that they are learning a very useful knowledge in their life.