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Being sick is not a good thing at all. The experience is not a good one and no one prays to fall ill regularly. Though it looks almost impossible to prevent sickness, it is impossible.

Even if you feel that you can’t prevent it 100%, you can reduce the regularity and severity. The tips you are about to learn are real and potent.

Factor them into your daily life and you will enjoy amazing health.

How To Live A Disease-free Life

  1. Mind what you eat

A bad diet is the mother of all diseases. Your diet is everything in preventing and even treating diseases. What you eat can build up your system or wreck it.

So it depends on you to build a healthy body or a junk body. Humans are products of their thoughts, diet, and lifestyle. Health is literally “garbage in, garbage out”. What you put into your body is what you will get.

If you put in healthy and living foods, you get health and life. But if you put in dead and junk foods, you get diseases because these (diseases) are the way the body gets rid of accumulated wastes and toxins.

The first step in eating healthy is to take out dietary hazards from your diet. Some examples of dietary hazards are refined sugar and highly refined foods, synthetic seasonings and additives, food laden with preservatives and artificial colorings, refined salt, alcohol, hydrogenated oils, and any unnatural foods you can think of.

After eliminating dietary hazards, you then replace them with healthy and living foods. To prevent diseases, 80% of your diet should be whole-plant based foods.

20% can be organic animal proteins and little pleasure foods once in a while if you must indulge. And make sure you verify your meals. If you follow this strict diet rule, you will be healthy.

Even if you fall sick due to other factors, it won’t be intense and it will be very brief. If you’re the type that regularly falls ill, try working on your diet and you will see a reduction in the frequency of sickness.

  1. Detox regularly

Our bodies can clean itself and it does so regularly, even on a daily basis. But there are certain things we can do to aid this process especially if you’re still struggling in the area of your diet.

There are special detoxes you can engage in regularly. Examples are colon cleanse (you can take a purgative herb or do enema once weekly), liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, dry skin brushing, lymphatic cleanse, and juice fasts.

All these help your body repair, heal, and rejuvenate.  Alexis Carrel’s experiment on immortality showed that regular detox and intake of quality nutrients can keep your cells alive for a long time.

  1. Take raw and fermented foods

When it comes to nutrition, all foods are not equal. If you want healing and recovery, you need more raw foods. Raw foods are live foods, their enzymes and nutrients are untouched.

Most minerals and vitamins are lost through heat, enzymes are destroyed when heated, protein structures are changed, and many changes and destructions happen when we cook plant foods.

Although there are some foods we cannot eat without cooking and others need cooking to activate some enzymes in them, an example is beans. So, the best thing is to bring balance to your meals.

Raw fruits and veggies should be taken daily. Don’t take fruits and vegetables together, take them 2 -4 hours apart. If you are not treating any medical condition naturally, then try and include at least one raw meal in your diet daily.

Fermented foods are potent and superfoods. They contain healthy bacteria that make up a huge amount of your immune system. Fermented foods and drinks boost your immune system and improve your overall health.

There are also good probiotic supplements you can take to boosts your immune system and make you resistant to diseases.

  1. Expose yourself to sunlight daily

Sunlight is the freest natural cures we have. Just exposing yourself to moderate sunlight daily improves the speed and actions of your immune cells.

Sunshine also helps our mental health. It helps the body produce serotonin, the happiness hormone. A deficiency of this leads to depression and even suicidal behaviors.

It is also one of the cheapest sources of vitamin D. This vitamin/hormone plays a lot of important roles in the body, from strong bones to immune building, and even the production of hormones.

If you want to be healthy, you need to get moderate exposure to sunlight daily. You can practice sunbathing and sun gazing daily.

  1. Walk and exercise daily

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest enemies of good health. The human body doesn’t like being sedentary, a lot of things go wrong in the body when you don’t move.

Include exercise and walks in your daily activities. Try and walk for 30 minutes (at least) each day. This will help you sweat and expel toxins. It also helps you take in lots of oxygen.

Exercise and working boost blood circulation and promotes cognitive functions. It even helps you sleep better at night.

  1. Get fresh air

Oxygen is life and a health quote says “he who breathes the most air lives healthiest”. All chronic diseases you can think of are anaerobic in nature and they only thrive in bodies where oxygen deficiency has been on for a long time.

Due to sedentary living and not knowing the importance of oxygen, a lot of people are constantly taking short and shallow breaths. This is not healthy.

Try and practice deep breathing many times daily. Don’t exceed your limit. Oxygen boosts your immune system and reduces your perception of pain.

Disease-causing microbes can’t thrive or spread in the presence of oxygen. Your brain depends heavily on oxygen, a few seconds without oxygen can lead to fainting or coma.

  1. Think rightly and don’t suppress emotions

There is hardly any thought you think or emotions you feel that does not show up in your body in one way or the other. Bad and negative thoughts and emotions show up as diseases while happy and positive thoughts and emotions lead to good health.

The mind and body are so closely related and that why we have the field of body-mind medicine or psychotherapy. Studies in this field have shown that all diseases start in the mind.

Suppressed anger, resentment, stony unforgiveness, loss of joy in life, and even fear have been linked to cancer, glaucoma, kidney problems, liver problems, immune dysfunction, and many more.

Always try to live at peace with all men, confront issues when you need to so you don’t have to suppress emotions. And when you’ve said your mind, don’t hold on to it again, just let it go.

Avoid people or places that make you angry. Let go of unforgiveness, anger, and resentment so that you can live in good health and enjoy peace.

  1. Surround yourself with health-conscious people

You can’t be healthy if people around you are not health-conscious. You would be tempted to cheat on your diet always, they would make it look as if you’re too hard on yourself or you’re suffering.

They won’t encourage you in your health goals. So, if you truly want to be healthy and prevent diseases by changing your diet and lifestyle, you have to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

They will help you with your goals and make your journey smooth. They will always be around to encourage you and give support when you need it.

  1. Sleep is important

Health experts are saying we are the most sleep-deprived generation and it is showing a lot in the health of the populace. Some motivational speakers even talk people out of sleeping saying it is a waste of time and all that.

The truth is that we need sleep to be healthy and even reason and act well as humans. Every day, the body repairs and heals itself, but that is always in a state of deep sleep at night.

The more sleep-deprived you are, the more your health deteriorates. During a state of deep sleep at night, usually between 10 pm to 2 am, the body releases very powerful healing compounds.

Some examples of those healing compounds are interleukin I and II, and cytokine, a protein that helps regulate the immune system when fighting infections.

Adults who have at least 8 hours of night sleep have greater resistance against viral infections than those who sleep only three hours or less.

  1. Manage stress effectively

If you can’t avoid stress totally, you can look for effective ways to manage it. You have to do this because stress is regarded as the “silent killer”.

It is the silent root cause of chronic headaches and diseases. Walking in nature, drinking herbal teas, mediation, hot bath, praying, and deep breathing are some of the effective ways to relieve stress.

  1. Drink herbal teas

As a health-conscious individual, you should aim for at least one cup of herbal tea daily. Herbs are medicines, the first and original medicines of man.

They prevent and reverse diseases when taken rightly. Examples of herbal teas you can take are green tea, ginger tea, cinnamon, turmeric, moringa teas, etc.

They are dense in essential and non-essential nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. All these touch every aspect of your being and promote deep tissue repair and boost general wellbeing.


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